20 Unique Uses for Your Brand Photos: Pt. 1

What exactly is brand photography?

It's the perfectly blended cocktail of your brand message - your values, your colors, your vibe and your unique personality - all stirred together in an epic (and fun) photo shoot your clients will love.

Since personal branding photography is exactly what it sounds like, photography for your brand that focuses on your personality, your photos are the visuals that set you apart from they crowd. This means they need to be perfectly in sync with your brand and you!

Your personal brand is the experience only you can create for your clients and followers. It is what catches their attention when they are scrolling through Instagram and what makes them stop when they pause in front of your shop.

Ready to hear how to put that gallery of beautiful images to work? Here's how to make the most of your investment and build a unique experience for your clients.

Since I have so many unique ideas for you, I have broken this into two actionable posts that will have you posting, pinning, and designing your marketing like a pro in no time.

Before we jump in, I have a two key pieces of advice to share with you. First, when you are selecting your brand images, be consistent across platforms. The images don't all need to be from the same shoot, but they do need to have the same look and feel of your unique brand. Additionally, consider that photos are the perfect way to create emotion. How do want your customers to feel when they are surrounded by your business? Look at the visuals of your brand (on your website, social media, email, etc) and ask: does this convey the emotion I want?

Ready to hear pt. 1 of 20 unique uses for your brand photos? Here are numbers 1-10.


YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE I'm leading with my favorite unique idea here - your email signature. Adding a personalized touch to your email signature is a great way to build trust with your clients. They get to see your name and your face. Instant connection made.


YOUR PROJECT MANAGEMENT PORTAL CRM or project management system like Trello, Asana, or Slack - basically anywhere your clients communicate with you and access documents - is an opportunity to enhance your brand experience. Adding on-brand images, along with a warm welcome from you personally will go a long way toward building relationships with your clients.


YOUR LANDING PAGE Landing pages are a wonderful way to welcome clients to your website, offer a waitlist for your services, or link to a special offer. Seeing your face with a warm welcome will start the relationship off on the right foot.


PINTEREST If you haven't discovered the magic of Pinterest for your business yet, I encourage you to give it a try. It is a free and engaging platform, perfect for creatives, e-commerce, and service providers. Your gallery of high quality photos will be right at home here, driving traffic to your website and socials.



Even though video is trending, your brand photos still have a place on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Everything from your Facebook banner images to your Instagram profile bio photo can be branded with photos from your shoot. Don't forget YouTube and LinkedIn while you are at it. Use a design app like Canva to create custom sizes for each platform.



Once again, don't be put off by the growing trend of video. I promise those photos won't go to waste. There are two free apps I love for turning photos into branded video content - InShot and Videoleap. These are lifesavers for turning photos from your gallery into gifs, mp4 videos, and time-lapse images. Intimidated by video? I've got you. Pick consecutive images from your gallery, add them to Canva, then download them as an MP4. Add music, then share these on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. What a fun way to create unique uses for your brand photos!


YOUR BLOG This one might be more obvious but if you have a blog, this is another great place for showing off your gorgeous brand photos. Place Pinterest-sized images (using Canva) throughout to give the eye a break. Use a favorite image as your blog header, add some text, and you have a great pinnable photo to drive traffic to your Pinterest.


EMAIL NEWSLETTER Newsletters are one of my favorite ways to give my audience some special love. They are also a fantastic way to further your brand experience. Include branded images to give your emails personality and to show off your unique brand vibe.


DIGITAL PRODUCTS Whether you’re a service or product-based business, you probably offer some type of digital product. Be it a free lead magnet, a product lookbook, an eBook, or even a high-priced online course, use your on-brand photos here to showcase your values, how you do things, and your personality.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 - it's a juicy one!

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