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Meet Lisa Haukom: Self Portrait, Brand,
and Remote Photography Expert


There are people who capture moments, and then there are those who capture the essence of who you are. 

Lisa Haukom, disrupting the industry since 2019, believes the camera is more than just a tool for social media snapshots.

See Yourself Differently: 

The Self Portrait Method™ is on a mission to transform how you see yourself. Founded by Lisa, a photographer and self-love advocate, we go beyond trendy, over-edited photos. We combine self-portraiure with psychology, self-love practices, and direct action to help you embark on a journey of self-acceptance.

Our courses, workshops, and supportive community provide the tools and guidance to cultivate:

  • Vulnerability: Share your authentic self and connect with others through truth-telling.

  • Unshakeable Bravery: Embrace your individuality and celebrate your unique path.

  • Compassion & Kindness: Learn to see yourself with love and acceptance, just as you are.

Lisa Haukom: More Than Just a Photographer

Lisa's a creative force with a passion for empowering others. Her award-winning photography career and impressive client list showcase her talent (Vogue, Forbes, etc.). But Lisa's dedication extends beyond the lens. She's a champion for the LGBTQIA+ community, offering affirming photography sessions to young transgender individuals.

Join the Movement:

The Self Portrait Method™ is more than a course; it's a thriving community where thousands are experiencing positive change. Join us and discover the healing power of self-portraiture.

Ready to embark on your journey to self-love and acceptance? Explore our courses, workshops, or connect with our supportive community today!

Lisa’s clients have been featured in lifestyle publications like Domino, The Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Vogue, Well + Good, Forbes, and many more. Lisa was named The Luupe’s 2023 Self Portrait Artist of the Year. But this pioneer isn’t just a photographer and content creator; she's also an empathetic and compassionate soul. Lisa offers transition-affirming photography sessions to young members of the transgender community and provides a safe and supportive environment where individuals can express their true selves, free from judgment.

Our Clients ARE Featured in

Goldenbrand Photography Press Features
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Have a creative idea, budding business, or existing product? I'd love to talk about photographing it to match your aesthetic.

Interested in collaboration, partnership, or inviting Lisa to speak at your next event?

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