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The Self Portrait Method_edited.png

Freedom to be myself:

"I wanted to take back my own experience in front of the camera, to have a deeper connection to myself, to be lost with myself in the moment. That's where the presence is, that's where I found the magic because those moments are the ones that give me the self portraits that always look just like me. "

Kelly McIntee

The self portrait methos michelle mundy, Lisa haukom.JPG

Freedom to be seen:

"I hated being in front of the camera my entire life, but I love photographing other people.  This has been such a powerful experience to not be afraid any more. I'm showing the fuck up for the first time in my life. It's been incredibly liberating to share the images and be like, "I have arrived friends!".  Thank you, it has been amazing."

Michelle Mundy


Freedom to create:

"The Self Portrait Method liberated me from relying on photographers. Now, I capture my essence effortlessly, saving time and ensuring authenticity. No more waiting for a photographer; I control my narrative. A game-changer for those seeking self-sufficiency in personal branding." 


Michelle Van Devender, Self Portrait Method Course and Photography.JPG

"When I look at myself I see so much love, light, passion, and beauty radiating from the inside out. More so at this point in my life than any other.  These are the parts I put into family, my art, relationships, and home.  Having the opportunity to express a whole, acccepted, and loved version of myself through the Self Portrait Method is a gift I am beyond grateful for.  I actually consider it a miracle when I look back at how far I've come.  If you are interested in seeing yourself fin a different way, exactly as you are - don't wait."


Ame Flourneroy Self Portrait Method Photography CCourse

"Self Portrait Photography is my therapy.  A good self portrait photoshoot boosts my self esteem.  It's a lovely way to affirm self worth. I am all in."

Amé Tamu

Catherine organ personal branding

"Lisa is a Self Portrait Queen with the talent to masterfully create scene, mood and, swoon-worthy self portraits. She also teaches others (beautifully, I might add) to take the reins and shoot their own self portraits in the Self Portrait Method Course. I am proud to say I am a member and the images on my website were taken by yours truly"

Catherine Horgan

Mike Ganino Self Portrait Method Photography_edited.jpg

"The Self Portrait Method is life changing and Lisa is one of the greatest space holders and creative catalysts I have ever met."


Laurel Colins Nelson BC Interior Designer.png

'"It's incredible that I can look back at a photo I took year ago and appreciate myself so much more.  I see myself clearly in that moment and that is meaningful to me.  I enjoy this process so much and have gained so much peace through the Self Portrait Method."

Laurel Colins

Sarah Loughry copywriter and seo .jpeg

"The Self Portrait Method is changing my life. I’ve suffered from body image issues and disordered eating since my teenage years. A bad selfie or picture can ruin my day. This has been a challenge as I grow my business–we all know how many headshots and pics we need for features or to engage our audience.I feel so much better about photos. It gave me new perspective. If I had to choose one word, it would be empowering. 


Jessica Meunier Bookeeper money for small business.jpg

"I love the Self Portrait Method course! Working with Lisa has been such a pleasure and her course is easy and simple to use. As a business owner and mother, I have been wanting to get more comfortable with my body and my presence. This program allowed me to do that, get vulnerable and get creative as well! I look forward to continuing to explore further and get more comfortable in my skin!"

Jessica Meunier

Lili self portrait Studio

"Thank you Lisa for creating the Self Portrait Method course, it has been a way for me to experience more self love and acceptance through the camera lens. I am surprised by how creative and free I felt taking my portraits."

Lili Suke

stephanie Vail Realtor, COlorado.jpg

'I found this course during a time when I needed to reclaim some of who I was before my daughter was born. The Self Portrait Method course, the membership, and you have meant more than you know.  "

Stephanie vail

Jennifer petal loft florals artist

"The Self Portrait Method has done more to unravel my perfectionism than years of therapy.  Thank you."

Jennifer RUIZ

Branding CCoach Courtney .jpg

"Loving myself at my highest weight is hard. I usually push down a lot when I look at photos of myself. The Self Portrait Method has strengthened my self-love and my relationship with myself."


Nancy Wallis, ontario canada.jpg

"I wasn't in very many photos before taking this course.  I took many photos but I was strategic when it came to my own photos, by taking them I didn't have to be in them. When I needed to be in a group photo, I'd make sure I was in a spot near the back. Last year I wouldn't believe I'd be where I am not. I am definitely okay to share my photos now.  This has been life-changing."

Nancy Wallis

Abby Arrizon Bay Area california

"Before sitting with myself and looking at myself felt very indulgent to spend time with myself in that way. What I've learned through this process and what has opened up for me has been the self connection, fostered through this practice. In the end, it wasn't about the photos.  It was about connecting really deeply with myself through the experience of the Self Portrait Practice.  What came from that was my truth, my essence.  That wouldn't have happened if I didn't have this experience of connecting with myself over through the method.

Abby Arrizon

Becca Post Therapist

" I found Lisa and the Self Portrait Method at a time when I needed to reconnect to the self I was before becoming a new mom.  I needed to find out who I was with the new roles of mother and wife.  It was surprisingly easy to open up on front of the camera for my sessions."

becca post

Liberate and lather Jennifer

" I am so elated to know how to be very intentional in front of the camera rather than feeling so disempowered!"

Jennifer Alfano

Kimber Britner Charlotte North Carolina

"I am grating myself permission to be who I am in this moment.  I give myself permission to take 100's and 100's of self portraits, to hog the lens, and focus on my unique flavor of magic, and my sixty three year old vivaciousness.  Thank you for this gift of a course!"


Lianne Brickell Ontario canada

"Spending time with myself in this way is such an act of self care and love."

LIanne Brickell

Carrie Ham Self Portrait Photography Studio Student minimal black and white photo portrait

"I hated pictures of me. I hated pictures of me because I looked so fake. Every time a picture was being taken, whether it was me taking it or someone else taking it, I'd had have to take 100 pictures to get a picture where it didn't look like I had some weird masky face on. So I just avoided having my picture taken at all unless someone was willing to take a whole bunch of pictures. It was just really frustrating.

Carrie Hamm

Freya Radelin Seattle Washington

"“Through the Self Portrait Method, I now recognize myself in photos, I feel connected to my body and am excited to share more of myself. "My biggest takeaway was a new appreciation for my face! It was exciting to learn simple body adjustments could make such a remarkable difference in my photos."

Freya ravelin

Sara M Bridal phototography session

"“I struggled with having my photo taken. It felt so self-important and I did feel worthy. Lisa really opened my mind to why I felt this way and helped me heal my harsh self judgement. I am softer now, more forgiving.”

Sara m

Caroline Karp, Artist, Painter, Woman

"I am so obsessed with me in these photos.

The ritual of self portrait photography has become part of my creative process. When I first started it was a clunky process. Now it organically happens and is part of my self care."

CAroline karp

Laurie gunning grossman podcaster, hold the light, healer, seeker hunker home

"What makes this so special? It’s because of her passion in helping women learn how to love, heal, and accept themselves through the art of self-portrait photography. In this space no selfies are allowed and no deleting pics either.  It's about allowing ourselves to SEE ourselves and to be SEEN. And-to have some fun in front of the camera too."

Laurie gunning grossman

Marie Echols Artist, painter, Atlanta Georgia .jpg

I am an introvert, but can fake extroversion when required. I am a watercolor artist and would like to feel less self-consciousness when posting pictures of myself. I am a novice when it comes to taking selfies and do not have many photos of myself. I am okay being seen just as I am, but that's hard since there aren't many photos from which to choose!  I feel a less self-conscious and more knowledgeable about self-portraits.  I am noticing which lighting situations are best and look forward to self-portraits being part of my self-care.

marie echols

Generational healing:

"My Mom died before my second child was born. leaving us with a handful of photos to remember her by. I realized I'd adopted her habit of hiding from the camera, deleting all of the photos that triggered me. I was skeptical of SPE at first because my fear of a bad photo was so deeply ingrained, but I trusted the processes, not wanting my boys to only have a handful of photos to remember me by. Now they join me for my sessions and my oldest takes his own portraits, using my phone. For us,  it's about rewriting the narrative of how we see ourselves and, in turn, leaving a legacy of self-acceptance."


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