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20 Unique Uses for Your Brand Photos: Pt. 2

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I know you have been waiting for it so here we go! Pt. 2 of 20 Unique uses for your brand photos is here. If you missed Pt. 1 click here to get the first 10 unique uses for your brand photos and get ready to make the most of your investment.

Let's jump right into it.

YOUR WEBSITE Homepage, about page, services page, video, headers, banners, quizzes, thank you page-basically everywhere! Your website is an excellent place to showcases those new photos. They will help to set the tone and vibe for your site and build a sense of connection with your client.

FACEBOOK Let's get into the social platforms shall we?

I am personally not a huge fan of FB but many of my clients are and they love to use their photos for their profile pics, posts, private groups & ads. What did I miss?

INSTAGRAM A personal favorite of mine! Use your professional photos in your profile (not your logo) this will further the human to human connection in your online business. the best photos are ones where your client says, "oh you are just like I thought you would be" when they work with you. Keep using them in your stories, reels and posts while you are on the platform.

WELCOME ABOARD Welcoming new clients? Why not provide them with an on-brand welcome package? This could include marketing materials and/or samples of your products/services. Incorporate strong visuals and you’re sure to impress them with this distinguished brand experience.

PINTEREST Yes, Pinterest. Isn't just for e-commerce, food bloggers and designers. Anyone can sell their services on Pinterest. Create pins using your photos to bring traffic to your blog and services on your website. Share offers or promote your latest offers - it is an incredible and versatile platform.

BOOK COVERS I recently shot a book cover for a client - from her branding photoshoot! This is yet another reason why I always plan shots in advance. It is so easy to get your images for book covers, socials, web & promo materials all in the same shoot.

VIDEO Yes, you can use your brand photos-in video! It is easy enough to pick several images then create a TikTok or Instagram Reel from the photos. I also love to use Canva to turn them into a cute gif, perfect for those you who are just not comfortable with photos but video still seems a long way away!

PODCAST A podcast is an excellent way to increase awareness about your brand and to build your audience. Your podcast cover needs to be eye-catching enough to stop the scroll & what could be more perfect than your photos to do so? Be creative here and try removing the background from your photo. Add your brand color as a solid background to really pop and give scrollers a sense of your unique vibe.

PRESS RELEASES You can pitch yourself to the media, even without a PR person. Draft a press release to feature your latest published article, book release or client deal. Include your brand photos in the release to keep your brand image consistent across all platforms.

GUEST BLOG POST Another way to create social proof & build your brand, plus it exposes your business to an entirely new audience. Use your brand photos to give the readers a sense of who you are and what it would be like to work with you. Share you expertise by collaborating with another business and let them know how they can work with you for more.

Ready to have brand photos that look and feel just like you?

My photos help build instant trust between your clients & yourself. Easily create beautiful brand photos, being photogenic is not required.



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