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Brand Photography for Artist, Tricia Caracappa at her New York Art Studio

Updated: May 22, 2023

Proof that every photoshoot works out exactly as it was supposed to.

Believe it or not, it's possible to have too much runway before a photoshoot. A large part of my job as your photographer is ensuring we have enough time to plan each element and we are on the same page creatively and visually. So when my client steps into frame, everyone knows how the day will flow, we get the shots we need but also have room for spontaneous magic. But sometimes clients have too much runway before photoshoot and doubts begin to creep in. Thoughts of what was I thinking booking a shoot?!?!, to second-guessing everything from location, to wardrobe, and props. And that's okay. It's all perfectly normal and part of the process. When my client Tricia found herself with too much runway and wide open space ahead of her she found comfort in filling it. We reitierated wardrobe options, prop choices, shooting locations, and even the time of day for the shoot. But on shoot day, when Tricia stepped into the frame after having all the options in the world at her finger tips...she let it all go. Comfortable in her art studio space, she understood she was of importance in the frame. She was enough to bring the photo to life. We played with the dappled studio light and were completely spontaneous for our session together. xoxo Lisa

all images edited with Golden Presets for Lightroom Mobile

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