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Marketing Education, Courses, and 1:1 BRAND REFINEMENT


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Lisa offers seasoned expertise as a photographer and brand strategist. She assists creative professionals nationwide in refining their brand strategy and securing media coverage through personalized consultations and creative direction for photo shoots.


Our courses are designed to help you identify your visual aesthetic

so you can be known and have the impact you desire.

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As a photographer who focuses on capturing authentic photos, a great questionnaire is the first step to creating a seamless client experience. Get on the same page as your clients faster, set clear expectations allowing space for connection and ease with our signature client questionnaire template.


12 Creative Lightroom Presets for Portrait, Brand & Wedding Photographers. The Goldenbrand Preset Collection™ is also perfect set for bloggers & content creators! For use on Lightroom mobile.


Our most popular & the one launched a growing community of people taking back their self image. with a deep-seated sense of unworthiness, discomfort with their physical appearance, and a lack of self-acceptance. 

The reviews are in and I'm blushing...

"You want Lisa's eye on your portfolio, trust me! She curated my client portfolio to perfection, allowing me to book new clients at a higher rate, within a week. She also helped put my photography style into words so I can pitch my services (and press!) with ease. Then she set me up with a framework for taking my business to the next level, refining my offerings and laying the groundwork for growth!  This investment has paid for itself many times over. Run, don't walk to book with Lisa!"  

-S. Andreá, Photographer


"What I thought was just a twist on a photography course became so much more. It began three months of transformation. I spent time with myself and learned to recognize my angles and curves. I took took hundreds of photos and experimented with the weekly prompts. I was finally free to creatively express myself. This opened up my creative energy to all aspects of my life."

-N. Wallis, Designer



"Oh the time I wasted second-guessing my brand! I have so much clarity now. Lisa is incredibly gifted. In 60-minutes she solved years of confusion and overwhelm around my brand, my voice, and my signature style. 


She downloaded the exact vision and clarity I needed to evolve my brand, right down to the colors and aesthetic I already had on my moodboard.  Then she shared her magic on how to make my vision a reality."

-Natalia Marks, Designer

1:1 with Lisa

Lisa Haukom Brand session

  • Uncover Your Brand's Obsession Factor: Discover the unique qualities that make your brand irresistible, turning it into an obsession for your target audience.

  • Be known, seen and make your mark.

  • Define Your Brand's Identity: Craft a clear and compelling brand identity that encapsulates your core values, mission, and personality.

  • Establish Your Brand's Core Values: Identify the fundamental principles that guide your brand's decisions and actions, ensuring consistency and authenticity.

  • Develop Your Brand's Signature Style: Create a distinctive visual style and a plan to monetize it.

Uplevel Your Photography in 10 seconds...

for Lightroom mobile

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