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Goldenbrand Photography

Lisa Haukom |Photographer|Self Portrait Artist she/her editorial, lifestyle & portrait photography| leading self-portrait education membership | golden photo presets | iphonephotography | florence, oregon

Imagery and storytelling that's deeper than pretty. We capture images with a heartbeat.   


You want authentic, effortless images

Without a shelf-life.
So do we. 
And the best part?
We capture creatives in their favorite places. 

Thanks to the wonders of technology (and our smartphones), I can be your photographer–and you, my muse–from anywhere in the world. 

Lisa_Haukom Photography_Tara Fust Interior Design

For those looking to be seen, valued, and treated to a unique photography experience in their dream photography location.

We believe the experience you have with your photographer strongly reflects how you feel about your photos later on. We accept a limited number of clients into the studio each month to ensure the best experience for everyone, with every detail handled for you.  Forget standard poses, my style is more natural.  I'm not going to have you do boring, or Pinterest pose check-lists.  We create the real, the good stuff, together.

Our sessions are an experience you won't forget.  We’re going to focus on beautiful storytelling-the most stunning version of your favorite day, your favorite way with emotive, candid images.  The process seamless and fun, from our first meeting through the photoshoot itself, and the convenient delivery of your gorgeous digital gallery.  Let us handle the details from concept, to styling, and final delivery of professionally edited images in your private gallery.


“Holy ganache you know how to make a girl glow.” 

Amanda Gibby Peters, Simple Shui Founder

We’re going to focus on beautiful storytelling-the most stunning version of your favorite day, your favorite way with emotive, candid images.  

Who we are

A digital haven for lifestyle, editorial, and portrait photography sessions, and those seeking guidance with creative strategy and direction for their personal brands.

Professional photography is within your reach.

Our philosophy isn’t only focused on how can we shoot an image perfectly — but how can we shoot it tell your whole story, to create more connection with your community.  How will this image will help bring in your next opportunity?


We want you to be your own source of inspiration. 

In the early stages of business, your goal working with a photographer is to simply create images to fill your digital media.  As you gain more confidence and experience, you gain the advantage of sourcing inspiration from your own work, a strong library of images showing exactly who you are and what you do. 


Creatives in their natural environment

Our honest, story-based approach to photography

We don’t do boring, cookie-cutter, or anyone-could-have-taken-that imagery.  We do soulful, joy-soaked, honest photography that's deeper than pretty.  Equally drawn to the light and the dark; the pretty pretty and the nitty gritty. We tell both sides of the story.


For those looking to be seen, valued, and treated to a unique photography experience in the comfort of their own home or dream photography location.


You'll love each detail of this experience, from our first meeting to delivery of the images from our photo shoot, into your hands.

Photographer for Artists.JPG
Jacqueline Kekos Interior Design by Goldenbrand Photography

"Lisa's images are always graceful, honest, natural, and completely captivating. They tell the whole story."




What you'll experience in our studio

Your session fee includes: our creative direction call, professional mood board (yours to keep) curated to your brand and photo session, wardrobe styling consultation, our favorite tripod delivered to your door, a gallery of professionally edited digital images, and up to two hours together.  We  remove the stress by supporting you every step of the way.  You will be prompted to plan for each stage of the process from your wardrobe to location and prop styling. You'll wear multiple outfits for your photoshoot to ensure a wide variety of photos for social media, portraits for press opportunities, and your website.  If you are building out your digital image library and are in need of frequent photos we recommend adding us to your marketing team with quarterly photoshoots.


Your guidance selecting my wardrobe was huge for me. After working from home for so long, I feel a little lost when I put on real clothes. I appreciate you holding the overall vision for the shoot. the flow you designed was crucial in helping us stay on track and maximize our experience together.  It was perfect.
Beth Porter, Earth and Ether

Single sessions are up to 2 hours and include

Lifestyle, Branding, Portrait

a minimum of edited images from session

Up to 3 outfit changes per session

Personalized consultation and wardrobe selection with our in-house stylist

Tripod, yours to keep

$250 deposit payable at the time of booking.

Here we prioritize strategy over hustle. Connections over curated. Intention over burnout. Let’s build your dream business, together. We work holistically with our clients to create and share images daily with their audience, by offering quarterly photoshoots, creating custom content — so they can spend more time unplugged. 

Who is it for?

This year-long membership is for entrepreneurs , creatives, interior designers, and small businesses who want to create consistent and compelling marketing and brand photos with a professional photographer.

The Benefits

All digital images from sessions

Year-round access to your gallery

Advance access to my schedule and priority scheduling

Locked-in pricing for three years

2-hour photoshoots every quarter

Up to 3 outfit changes per session

Dedicated and ongoing consultation for planning and execution throughout the year

Exclusive access to popular shooting dates

Quarterly sessions require a one-year commitment and are billed monthly. See FAQ's below for details.

Welcome Storytellers.

We offer intentional education & resources for photographers and creatives. 


Here we prioritize strategy over hustle. Connections over curated. Intention over burnout. Let’s build your dream business, together.


​You'll love our holistic approach to the business of photography with personalized 1:1 guidance, creative strategy, and direction for your brand? Have a creative idea, budding business, existing product? I'd love to talk about a creative direction strategy to match your aesthetic and goal. Let's tell your story together. 


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Not ready to book...yet?


Not sure what you need?

Have a creative idea, budding business, existing product? I'd love to talk about a creative direction strategy to match your aesthetic. Let's tell your story together.


This was my first virtual shoot. I came into the experience quite open, and was still surprised to see how many shots (as well as the variety of shots) we got in just a couple of hours. Each photographer brings their own personality and style. You have a gentle spirit, an easy way about you. It makes working with you feel light and playful. You’re lovely to work with. ”
- Desha Peacock, Author & LifeSTYLE expert



Frequently Asked

We are proudly transparent about our process and encourage our clients to share every detail of their experience with you.  Click here to read about Beth's experience in her own words and her best advice for planning your session. We will meet inside of a virtual studio app on your phone where I will be able to take photos, using your camera, as if I were there in person with you.  When we first log on you will hear my voice then see my face on screen.  During the shoot I’ll guide you through poses and direct you to position the tripod for the best angles and lighting.  Many of my clients ask a friend to assist with this part and love how interactive the process is.  They love how easy and energizing the process is and feel less camera shy not having a huge camera lens pointed at them.
Planning for your photoshoot is one of my favorite parts of the whole experience. This is my chance to build a connection with you that will have you showing up on shoot day excited to create gorgeous images, with a friend.  I'll learn your story and you'll share your plans for the final images, ensuring delivery of the exact shots you need.  We'll discuss your aesthetic, comfort level in front of the camera, and the feeling you want your images to convey.  This is an interesting part of the process for me and often so eye opening for you. We are all guilty of getting too busy working on our business and we forget to work within it. These conversations help us remember,  and bring your vision to life.  I’ll provide you with all the details you need to feel prepared and excited about your session with me. After the call I'll create a mood boards full of inspiration for your style, clothing, props, pose, and mood to match your aesthetic.  If we are shooting in your home or office we will walk through the space together (virtually, of course) and select locations for your shoot. We will also bring forward the threads of your story ensuring our final images showcase your values, experience and feel undisputedly, like you.  

After you book your session and pay a $250 deposit to hold your date, I will reach out to you to schedule our strategy session.  The day of your shoot you'll log onto an app where we will meet in a private, virtual studio.  You'll clean your camera lens and set your phone up in the tripod, which I will supply.  You'll be able to hear my voice and see my face on the screen during your session.  This allows me to direct you and give you feedback exactly like I am there with you, in person.  Some clients like to invite a friend to the studio to be my "legs" for the session, assist with moving the tripod, and join in the fun. Others really love the privacy of the shoot and are more easily able to relax without another person's energy in the studio, and without a huge, intimidating camera pointed at them.  From there it's just like any other photoshoot.  I'll pose you with clear directions, you'll have your mood board to refer to as a visual reference, and we will get all the shots we need. The images are stored in the gallery until I download them to my hard-drive for editing. Your digital gallery will be delivered 10-14 days after your session.  

Consider us your digital creative haven for editorial photography sessions and those seeking guidance with creative strategy and direction for their personal brands. We work with consultants, coaches, creatives, and those within the interior design and fashion space who are looking to up-level their imagery through lifestyle photography.  We support our clients need for fresh portfolio, web, and social content by scheduling quarterly photoshoots.  Our clients enjoy the ease of allowing us to hold the vision for their upcoming sessions, knowing they will have a fresh gallery of images to represent their brand. Quarterly clients also enjoy a discounted rate from our single session fee in exchange for a one year commitment.

Please reach out as soon as you can if you are wanting to book my services. I book single sessions  several months out to fully plan and hold the photoshoot vision for each client.  Occasionally, I can book a shoot with less than a months’ notice.  Contact me if you are working in a tighter timeline and I’ll try my best to accommodate you.

Editorial clients receive a minimum of 40 professionally edited images.  All images are delivered in a beautiful, private, digital gallery where you and your team can download high res or web sized images.
You'll be prompted every step of the way.  We will deliver the tripod for our session to your door and be by your side every step of the way, holding the overall vision of the shoot, for you.  After the consultation, you will have everything you need to choose your ideal location, select your clothing and props.  If we are shooting in your home or office I'll ask you to send a video of the space and help identify places to set up for our session.  An ideal location for your session is one full of natural light.  Some of my clients enjoy the freedom of booking an airbnb or studio to make the session feel celebratory and extra special.
I never require anything of you that you don’t feel comfortable with, but I recommend hair and makeup if it will take the pressure off you. The most important thing is that you feel free to be fully present and yourself.  If hair and makeup helps with that…it's worth it. 
Nothing is hidden—ever.  There is no up sell and I will not pressure you to purchase prints although our online gallery does have the option of prints, photo books and more!  My priority is delivering the best photo session experience possible, so that's where I focus my attention.  You will have 30 days to enjoy your digital gallery, download images of your choosing, and purchase more if you are inclined.  If you choose to have your photo shoot in an airbnb or studio, those costs are not included in your session fee.
If you’ve already put a deposit down for your session and need to postpone, for any reason, the deposit is transferable but not refundable. We can schedule a one-time transfer of your deposit to a new date for your photoshoot.  Please note rebooking your session is subject to availability. The balance of your session is due 7 days prior to your photoshoot date.  If you cancel your session with less than 7 days notice we will refund 50% of your session fee.
After our strategy call where we will solidify the storyline and creative vision for your photo session, our in-house stylist will reach out for your private consultation.  She will dive into your closet with you to select three curated looks that will have you feeling your best self for shoot day.
Nope! We’ll make magic with the light you have.  I love working with natural light, it is always the most flattering.  Before our strategy call you'll share a video of you space to ensure there is ample light. We will discuss the ideal time of day, when daylight is at its most gorgeous for your shoot, during our call. If for some reason your space isn't ideal we'll discuss other options such as Airbnb or studio rentals.
Our signature editing style is warm with true blacks and creamy highlights.  Visit our gallery and spend time with our images to ensure we are the best for for you. Oh, you're a photographer too and you'd like some Golden style of your own?  Shop our presets here.
Your full gallery, edited and ready to share will be available within two weeks of your shoot. At that time you'll select the images you'd like to download from the comfort of your laptop, curled up with your favorite coffee or cocktail.  Take your time, you will have 30 days to review, access, download and purchase additional images from your gallery, before your session is archived.  Once your session is archived there is a $150 un-archiving fee to restore your session from the hard drives.
You will receive your images edited and processed as jpeg files in an online gallery that makes saving and sharing easy for you.  Raw images are very large, trust me — you don't want them crashing your computer.
Copyright of all images belongs to The Goldenbrand Studio.  This is standard in the photography industry.  Any departure from this must be agreed to in writing before our session.  Your photos are yours to use in every way possible to promote you and your business, and of course, for your personal use.  Commercial usage rights are available for purchase.  Please submit your request in writing.
We edit for aesthetic not "perfection".  I don't photoshop people. Instead, I encourage you to look at yourself in a new way—the way I see you. You have worked hard to be here in front of my lens.  The images I take will honor that.

I was super nervous about my Photoshoot, but you made it all very easy. Thank you!



Not ready to book...yet?


Not sure what you need?

Have a creative idea, budding business, existing product? I'd love to talk about a creative direction strategy to match your aesthetic. Let's tell your story together.


You're a photographer too??


Let us help you streamline your process and prep your clients for their

session so you can focus on working your magic