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branded visual content for interior designers and business owners

 On-Camera Brand Imagery that
Converts, Beautifully.

Uniting visual and emotional content with soul-led brand photography

You want powerful, custom brand imagery

without a shelf-life. So do we. We capture creatives in their favorite places. Thanks to the wonders of technology (and our smartphones), I will be your brand photographer—and you, my gorgeous muse—from anywhere in the world. 


Here’s how we work our magic.


A Year of Brand Content in A Day

It's daunting to plan a photoshoot that covers an entire year of brand content. It means finding a creative team, hiring the photographer, selecting your wardrobe, putting together a mood board and a shot list, identifying a suitable location, and a hundred other tiny details. 


A better idea: hand everything over to me. 


That’s my job as your personal brand photographer, content partner, and strategist. I will expertly lead your personal brand photography plan to create and execute a photo shoot that delivers enough photo content to support your brand imagery marketing for an entire year.

"You NAILED my vibe AND my branding instantly, putting into words what I can't do. (honestly, I wish I could rewind your summary and replay it for myself— It was spot on.) You earned my trust right then and there. I LOVED how curated and red carpet the entire offering felt. Mood-board, voice memos, stylist, more voice memos. Lastly, on the day of the shoot your patience and voice (which I was very familiar with by then ... voice memos) were reassuring and confident. A flawless experience."

-tricia Caracappa 

Be Golden Anywhere—You Are Invited to Be Seen, Valued, and Treated to a Unique Photography Experience In Your Dream Location

The Goldenbrand experience is for the fearless entrepreneur who’s ready to take her small business branding photography from so-so to spectacular. It’s for the bold woman who’s excited to celebrate and reconnect with herself in a curated shoot experience. 


It’s for seekers, thinkers, artists, and dreamers. 


It’s for you. 


We focus on beautiful storytelling and evocative brand imagery, emphasizing the most stunning version of your favorite day, your favorite way with emotive, candid photography. The process is seamless and fun, from our first meeting to the photoshoot itself to the convenient delivery of your breathtaking digital gallery.  


Simply select your preferred date. That’s it. We take care of the rest.  

Personal Branding Photography for Prop Stylist NYC Robin Zachary.jpg

“Holy ganache, you know how to make a girl glow.” 

Amanda Gibby Peters, Simple Shui Founder

Reach and inspire more people with custom brand content that evokes the most stunning version of your favorite day, your favorite way

Hey there,

I capture you and your brilliant services in the best possible light. The glowing result? Magnetic brand imagery for your site and social to sync with people aligned with your vision. I speak your visual brand language fluently, so think of me as your personal content stylist and visual curator.


You and your work are the authentic source of your inspiration. Elevate your website and social media with zero stress and a strong library of images showing the world who you are and what you do, sourced from an expressive selection of shots that resonate with your brand aesthetic.

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I felt you really spent the time to get to know me and my brand prior to the shoot. You wanted to understand how I could use the photos so that you could help curate the right images, not only in size, but in aesthetics and in a way that would compliment my offer. I really appreciate that.  I was so excited to see the edited photos!  Amazing!  The photos arrived quickly and were easy to view and download. I've already started using the images in my new landing page opt-in's and now I'm even more motivated to get my new offer up with these gorgeous pics. Brand photos are essential to my business and these will be so fun to incorporate

-Desha Peacock 

Phase 1: Brand Strategy Consulting

We'll cover all the details, planning every step of the process: location, shot list, aesthetic, wardrobe, vision, deliverables, scheduling, and more. The fun part starts here as we begin to break down how you feel in photos. Lisa is there for you every step of the way, empowering you to feel and look your best on camera. One of the ways we make sure you’re excited and confident on shoot day is by giving you access to the Self Portrait Studio membership where you'll learn to love your angles, find your light, and how to feel self-assured in every photo.

Phase 2: Pre-Production

I’ll take it from here! You’ll receive location suggestions, a shot list, a mood board, and more. All of the details that normally stress you out, all taken off your plate and dropped into an organized, easy-access project folder made with you and your vision in mind.

Phase 3: Remote Photography Shoot Day

Shoot day is collaborative, educational, and incredibly FUN. You’ll start by slipping into your first curated outfit and logging into our virtual studio app from your iPhone where we will easily see and hear one another. Lisa will be there during every single step so that you can relax into complete support and direction on how to pose, what to do with your hands, and how to place the tripod. We are on the same page with the flow and plan for the shoot so you can enjoy every delicious moment of our remote photography session.​

Phase 4: Previews + Delivery

We know that you’re excited to share your impressive new brand photos! That’s why you’ll receive a gallery of previews within 24 hours, and you can look forward to your full photo shoot gallery—edited, high-res, and 100% ready to download—just 10 days after your shoot date. All brand imagery delivered to the gallery are yours to use, so there’s no need to purchase additional images.

Phase 5: More Brand Strategy

Now is the time to implement all the brilliant ideas we outlined in our first strategy call. After you receive your gallery of branded imagery, we’ll sit down for a visual strategy meeting so that Lisa can guide you to getting the most out of your gallery. We will be doing far, far more than just updating your profile picture. Since this stage can be overwhelming, Lisa will take the time to answer every single one of your questions and recommend what photos to use where and when.

Our Half-Day Brand Photography Sessions are Perfect for You If:

  • You seek the ease of a photoshoot in your dream location, not a generic photo studio.

  • You crave a photography experience as unique as you are.

  • You want support to create authentic, strategic brand imagery for your business.​

  • You are looking for far MORE than a cookie-cutter headshot.

  • You want a library of curated brand content to share on your website and social.​

  • You value something deeper than a transactional photoshoot.

  • You know good photography is part of your business marketing plan.

Investment in Your Brand Identity

The perfect amount of photography to build your new brand, to launch a new service, and to refine your identity.  You will receive a library of high resolution, professionally edited photos to use for your website, portfolio and, socials.


  • An assessment of your current visual brand strategy and how it's serving you.

  • A pre-shoot consulting with Lisa over zoom.

  • up to 3-hours of photography (250+ images).

  • In-house Styling to plan your shoot-day wardrobe

  • A detailed shot list with custom brand mood board delivered prior to your photoshoot.

  • Post-shoot strategy plan. Lisa identifies your best images for profile, about page, website headers, and more.

  • Tripod—our gift to you

In order to ensure greater attention to detail, I accept a limited number of brand packages per month. Investment for personal branding for socials begin at $1,800 and investments  for socials, websites, marketing, and publication begin at  $3,200. I create custom packages tailored to your needs , let's talk.

"I was excited about what you saw in me.  Your vision unlocked something I knew I was capable of but didn't know how to ask for. I am deeply grateful for you, the experience,  and for these brand photos."

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