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Lisa Haukom Photographer, Photo shoot Producer, Brand strategy

Inspired Photography Coaching
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Lisa has coached and empowered creatives, artists, and photographers at workshops, conferences, seminars, retreats, and other transformational events. 


She does NOT teach hacks, hustle, tricks, or shortcuts. 


Lisa combines heart with healing, adds the how, and lightly dusts with inspiration. Because true connection is about the experience and that magical, golden moment when everything comes together to make a meaningful difference for you and your community. 

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Press, Speaking, and Event Curation

Disrupting the business of photography since 2019, Lisa Haukom believes the camera is more than a tool for pretty pictures and social media selfies.

Lisa is the creator of the Self Portrait Method, a program designed to help women learn to love, heal, and accept themselves through the art of self-portrait photography. The Self-Portrait Studio evolved from the popular “Confidence on Camera” online course, and has resulted in a thriving online community helping thousands of people experience the Self Portrait Method. Dissatisfied with what she saw in photos Lisa set out to investigate feeling disconnected from our own image.


Lisa is also the founder of the Goldenbrand Photography Studio, where she combines beautiful photography with the power of marketing, empowering clients to feel seen, valued, and grow their brands. Lisa has worked with thousands of women and her audience spans from those who want to build their dream business to those who want to stop feeling invisible and undervalued .


With a degree in Art History, Lisa carved out a unique path for herself in the lifestyle brand photography industry. She specializes in self portrait, lifestyle, and editorial photography and, most innovatively of all her services  involve the use of your iPhone.  Lisa wants to remove the barrier to entry and make professional photography more accessible for all.

As the creator and host of The Goldenbrand Podcast and Goldenbrand YouTube channel, Lisa interviews leading self-development experts. Her fast-growing blog provides additional resources and support, discussing the art of healing through self-portrait photography, building your business with brand strategy, confidence on camera, pathway to publication coaching, brand visuals, and creating the ultimate mood board for your creative vision.

Titled with, “Capturing the feminine experience one snap at a time”, Lisa was inducted into the Hall of Femme in 2023. Medium magazine named her a Top Female Disruptors to watch in the photography industry, and Lisa had her article “How I changed my self perception with self portraits” published in The Good Trade.  Lisa has been interviewed for Nasdaq magazine, Thrive, Ladies Get Paid, and The Story Exchange and was a featured guest on the To Be Magnetic podcast. She was a 2023 featured Self Portrait artist for Luupe, a global online platform for women and non-binary photographers who collaborate and provide diverse content for brands and was highlighted in the inaugural issue of Founder magazine.  Lisa’s clients have been featured in Darling magazine, Domino, Amazon, The Jungalow, The Huffington Post, Design Sponge, Lonny, Apartment Therapy, Vogue, Dwell, Forbes, Mindbodygreen, Food 52, Well + Good, Glitter Guide, Oregon Home magazine, and Architectural Digest. 


Lisa has worked with Simple Shui, Saurit Creative,  Ballsy Broads, and Daisy Made to deliver women's leadership workshops, and to lead creative design groups. Lisa is a member of The Luupe and Dreamers and Doers.


Through her photography studio Lisa offers free photo sessions to transgender youth and released The Self Portrait Method as a course to serve people of all communities, identity, and gender.  Lisa lives in the Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles with her family and their two rescued border collies.

Lisa has been hired by brands, women's leadership workshops, and creative design groups to speak on the art of healing through self-portrait photography, building your business with virtual photography, confidence on camera, photography coaching, and creating the ultimate mood board for your creative vision. If you'd like to invite Lisa to speak at your next event, you can do so via the form below.

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Lisa's clients are featured in

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Lisa is truly an expert in her field. I was impressed not only by her tips and tricks for taking better photos, but also by her deep understanding of the psychological factors that influence how we see ourselves. Lisa's approach is unique in that she doesn't just teach you how to take better photos; she teaches you how to love yourself and appreciate your own unique beauty. Her use of psychology and studies really brought the ah-ha moments home for me and my students, and helped us to understand why we might see ourselves in a certain way. Lisa's real-time examples and exercises were incredibly helpful, and I can already see a difference in the way my students are approaching their own self-image. Lisa has a beautiful mission, and I truly believe that everyone would benefit from taking her training. I can't recommend her enough! —Kate Obert

Lisa Haukom Podcast Features

Lisa Haukom Podcast Features

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