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With a degree in Art History and Architecture, Lisa carved out a unique path for herself in the photography industry. She specializes in self portrait, lifestyle and editorial photography and more specifically through the use of your iPhone.


In 2020, she opened The Goldenbrand Photography Studio, where she conducted intimate virtual photoshoots for those looking to feel seen, valued, and treated to a unique photography experience in the comfort of their own home or dream photography location.


What previously began as a small course called "Confidence on Camera" turned into a beautiful community-driven mission. Lisa then launched Self-Portrait Studio, an educational membership helping women learn to love, heal, and accept themselves through the art of self-portrait photography.


Now, her brand serves as a digital creative haven for editorial photography sessions, self-portrait sessions, and those seeking guidance with creative strategy and direction for their personal brands. You can learn more about her journey and expertise in the articles and podcast episodes linked below. 

Lisa has been hired by brands, women's leadership workshops, and creative design groups to speak on the art of healing through self-portrait photography, building your business with virtual photography, confidence on camera, and creating the ultimate mood board for your creative vision.  If you'd like to hire Lisa  to speak at your next event, you can do so via the form below.

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Lisa' clients featured in

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Lisa is truly an expert in her field. I was impressed not only by her tips and tricks for taking better photos, but also by her deep understanding of the psychological factors that influence how we see ourselves. Lisa's approach is unique in that she doesn't just teach you how to take better photos; she teaches you how to love yourself and appreciate your own unique beauty. Her use of psychology and studies really brought the ah-ha moments home for me and my students, and helped us to understand why we might see ourselves in a certain way. Lisa's real-time examples and exercises were incredibly helpful, and I can already see a difference in the way my students are approaching their own self-image. Lisa has a beautiful mission, and I truly believe that everyone would benefit from taking her training. I can't recommend her enough! —Kate Obert

Lisa Haukom Podcast Features

Lisa Haukom Podcast Features

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Hire Lisa

Hire Lisa


Hire Lisa to speak at your next workshop or event.

I could tell you that I’ve taught and coached photographers and creatives one on one and at conferences, retreats, courses and workshops, but I’d rather talk about why you’re here. 

It's not more hustle, hacks or analysis.

It's a delightful combination of heart, healing, how, and inspiration.

Our experience together is a blend of all four, making the true magical difference you and your community are looking for.

My Secret Sauce? I'm a master of all four.

Complete the form below for Speaking Rates and Topics.

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