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Here You Are Golden©

Because real girls look good in pictures too.
We revolutionize the way you see yourself through the lens. We believe in the power of the New Selfie, an innovative approach to capturing photos you truly love, all with the camera in your pocket.

Lisa Haukom the Goldenbrand How to love yourself in photos

We're on a mission to help women everywhere embrace their authenticity and confidently capture it for the world to see.We believe that feeling self-conscious in front of the camera is a thing of the past. With the right mindset and techniques,you can shine in every shot. Our counterintuitive approach challenges conventional wisdom, proving that anyone can take stunning photos with ease.

We work with creatives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and personal brands to help them capture their unique essence and elevate their visual presence. Our services include content strategy, CEO visibility, brand messaging, social media strategy, point-of-view development, photoshoot coaching, and more.

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Beyond advice.

We ideate solutions for founders.

Content strategy, CEO Visibility, Brand Messaging, Social Media Aesthetics, Point-of-View development, Photoshoot Coaching + More. What do you need help with?

3 / Roadmap for Remote Photography Biz.

Turn your passion into multiple revenue streams. Roadmap is your key to unlocking the transformative power of remote photography. We equip you with the tools and strategies to expand your reach, and build a profitable & sustainable photography business whether you are a new or seasoned photographer. 

Client Success Stories

Lisa's clients go on to become recognized leaders in their field.  They are featured on platforms like Good Morning America, in major magazines, have TED Talks, become multi-million dollar founders, and are contributors for Refinery 29 and PopSugar.

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Lisa Haukom redefining photography and capturing the feminine experience
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Interior design photography cottages and bungalows

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