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Lisa Haukom |Lifestyle brand photography

Welcome to The Goldenbrand©, a digital haven specializing in personal brand photography, brand vision, and strategy consulting for growing brands.

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Our Approach to Brand, Photography, and Self Accceptance
Goes Beyond Pretty

"There are people who snap pictures, and then there are those who capture life's essence through their lens. Disrupting the business of photography since 2019, Lisa Haukom believes the camera is more than a tool for pretty pictures and social media selfies." - Une Femme

Lisa Haukom is nurturing a self-acceptance movement with a mission to fundamentally change how people see themselves. The Self Portrait Method teachings, community, and podcast include courses, workshops, and stories that connect people through the healing power of vulnerability, truth sharing, and the unshakeable bravery to be yourself.

With an approach that’s different from the current trends of over-edited, over-filtered social media photography.  Rooted psychology, direct action, and self love, Lisa created this method to help you see yourself in a radically new way — as you are, with increased compassion, kindness, and love—through the lens of your camera.

Lifestyle brand photography

Meet Lisa Haukom

I breathe life into your story. For more than a decade, each unique person I've photographed has touched my heart and changed me for the better. I hope I can do that for you, too. 


Above all else, I prioritize experience. Any brand photographer can take photos—I want to give you so much more than that. The Goldenbrand holds space for you to be your complete self. Forget forced poses and what brand photos "should" be. Your brand self portrait is a reflection of your personality, your work, and your soul. 


Let's create something true, authentic, and alive as we capture the time of your life.

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