Your brand has a story to tell.


You have invested time and energy into carefully crafting your business, brand, and product strategy.  Now it's time to  add high-quality visuals, like brand photos, to round out your brand experience. Photos are key to creating a connection with your brand. They showcase you, your products, your services, deepen your relationship with your customer and help to exceed their expectations.


Let's take the guesswork out of branded photos so you can focus on the parts of your business you love.  The following pages will help ensure you’ve checked all the boxes, so you will get the exact images you need, every time whether you are sourcing your own or hiring a professional photographer.


The resources and tools in this 26-page guide are the exact strategy I use with my clients to ensure understand their vision.  


This resource has easy-to-use blank form fields and may be reused, prep and plan guide, shotlists, sources to DIY your own images and briefing sheets.


*not for duplication or resale. Copyright The Golden Brand Co, 2022

Brand Photography & Visuals (pdf guide and worksheet