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Goldenbrand Studio mobile presets for Lightroom mobile were created to enhance your images, to take your day to day photos to a more professional quality. With the rise of Instagram and other social media, we've bridged the gap between professional photography and phone photos to deliver on-the-go editing in a single tap.


These presets produce warm, organic hues that convey depth and lluxury. Whites are clean and soft. For you if you love golden tones of warm honey, true blacks, & creamy white highlights.



  • 12 total custom presets curated by The Goldenbrand for use on your phone with the Lightroom CC (on mobile) app 

  • Available for both iPhone and Android

  • Detailed step-by-step written instructions for using Golden Presets with mobile free Lightroom app



*not for duplication or resale. Copyright The Golden Brand Co, 2022

Golden Preset Collectionfor Lightroom Mobile