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The Headshot Minicourse™. Want to know more about shooting your own headshots and brand photography like a pro?


Click here to access my mini course designed to get you set up and shooting your own photos in 7 actionable video modules.


In this mini course you will learn:

  • The minimal, inexpensive gear you need to start shooting your own headshots for LinkedIn and Instagram today, using your camera phone. 
  • How to use your iPhone settings like a professional.
  • How to find the best light for your brand photography.
  • How to set up the shot to ensure a crisp, clean image, in focus image.
  • Which background to chose for your photoshoot.
  • Tips and a video module showing you how to pose for your photos. 
  • Steps to select, edit, and crop your photographs for use on LinkedIn, your website, and Instagram.

Take Your Own Professional Headshots

  • We highly recommend bundling the Headshot Mini Course with our Golden Presets for Lightroom Mobile (free version), for perfect editing, every time.

  • "Actionable, succinct, and well-organized.  This course is a steal.  I am now rocking a brand new LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube profile pic. I plan to shoot more for my website." -Anthony T.

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