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The Self Portrait Method Experience

The Self Portrait Method™


*No photography experience necessary.


I see you dear one, struggling present your work and yourself authentically. 


Wanting something different from the way everyone else doing it.


You don't have to try so hard to be different though.  


You just need to be yourself and I can show you how.




"When I look at myself I see so much love, light, passion, and beauty radiating from the inside out. More so at this point in my life than any other. These are the parts I put into family, my art, relationships, and home. Having the opportunity to express a whole, accepted, and loved version of myself through the Self Portrait Method is a gift I am beyond grateful for. I actually consider it a miracle when I look back at how far I've come. If you are interested in seeing yourself fin a different way, exactly as you are - don't wait."

-Michel VanDevender


"The Self Portrait Method is changing my life. I’ve suffered from body image issues and disordered eating since my teenage years. A bad selfie or picture can ruin my day. This has been a challenge as I grow my business–we all know how many headshots and pics we need for features or to engage our audience.I feel so much better about photos. It gave me new perspective. If I had to choose one word, it would be empowering. "

-Sarah Loughry


"This course has saved me thousands of dollars in my business.  I am no loger outsourcing my branding with pricey rebrands and website upgrades. My self portraits are resonating far more with my audience than the $4,000 shoots I was doing before and now I am able to shoot new images as needed, completely on my own."

- Vickie B.


The accessibility and impact of the SPM Experience is not to be underestimated.


Experience members get results every time they revisit the course and join a Challenge.



There are few things that shift your perspective forever, because we use our photographs as a benchmark, your results are measurable.  You will see a change within weeks.


Your photographic legacy

People who fear the camera and hate their photos may not be aware of all the ways this block is holding them back in life, business, and relationships.  How this is manifesting every day as feelings of fear, deep rooted sense of unworthiness, limiting their self confidence, visibility, quality of life, not allowing them to be fully present to achieve their goals.


📷 Here's how we work that magic.


The Self Portrait Method Experience

  • The Self Portrait Experience for

    • Everyone.
    • Anyone uncomfortable on camera
    • Anyone desiring to take their visuals to a new level for personal development or for their personal brand.
    • Those who are feel limited by their external image not reflecting what they see in their minds eye.
    • Anyone who identifies as camera shy, introverted or unphotogenic.
    • For the person desiring the acceptance, confidence, and self-trust required to live a life guided by their moxie. 

    I believe you are golden.  You have so much moxie waiting at your fingertips for you to take it. 


    Moxie is your power, your light, your heart, your biggest, brightest, most authentic self.  It is already within you, waiting for you to reclaim and release it. Your version of moxie will be different from mine, with its own unique signature belonging to only you.  Think of it as the sum total of all the times you’ve said “yes” to yourself, trusting your inner-knowing. All the times you’ve chosen trust over doubt, love over judgment, curiosity over fear.  ​

    This course is also for

    • Anyone who is on social media or has had to put a face out to the world.
    • Anyonewho has been bombarded with conscious and subconscious messages about what is expected from them, who they are supposed to be, how they are supposed to look, and why they are not good enough.
    • It is for the people who shy away from seeing their own image or who cringe at having their image viewed by others.
    • It is for those ready to move beyond basic selfies and it is for those who wish to love what they see in the camera lens.