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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 3.12.23

We believe with every ounce of our being that you must look within in order to express yourself freely outwardly. You must separate every thread of your being, learn who you are, who you want to be, and free yourself from complications, in order to become who you were made to be –– artistically, wholly, and plainly.

We know you are brave, authentic, and skilled in your chosen field. We love connecting with out-of-the-box creatives and digital hustlers, to stand with us. Those who are creative and emotive in their work will find a home with us. Thank you for being a loyal Sunday Stories subscriber. We appreciate you.

- With Love & Moxie, Lisa XOXOXO




Quickly popping over to visit Michel Van Devender's new website was by far the best inspiration rabbit hole I fell down all week. With her home, design, art, and skilled word-weaving it's no wonder Luxe Magazine featured Michel and her gloriously fun black and white home. Click below to read the article and visit Michel's new site here.

Robin Davisson Female Abstract Artist Photography


Lisa Haukom Goldenbrand photography


Sometimes going our of your comfort zone is exactly what is needed. I said yes to an opportunity for live on-air coaching on my voice and received much more than I bargained for. The host, Tracy Goodwin read me like a book, just by listening to me talk about a domestic squabble…over a French press no less. If you've ever tripped over your words or felt like you weren't worthy of speaking out, listen to me get very vulnerable on this podcast. I hope it inspires you to do the same!

Lisa Haukom Self Portrait Photography Studio


Feeling creatively parched? Are you crawling through the Sahara in search of inspiration and only coming up with handfuls of dust and sand? We've got you. Browse our project moodboards below. Need more? Dive into over 1,000 micro-curated pins on our Pinterest boards then polish your camera lens and join us in the Self Portrait Studio.

Quirky Editorial Photography Poses


Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

We are in a Mod Mood this week. The sun is out, daylight savings time is in effect and we are feeling frisky.

Photographers Choice.

Extra flair for your week. Click below to visit. xoxo L. Vinyl Me. Yes please.

Our favorite studio gear shop Moment is having a huge sale. Pick up your favorite iPhone accessories and tell us what you scored.

Are you watching? Are you as obsessed as we are? Daisy Jones and the Six.

Road tripping to the Santa Ynez Valley this spring. Who wants to meet up?

Nora Ephron's Heartburn 40 years later.

Oh my goodness this Montecito retreat!


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Q. How many images do you deliver?

A. I’ll always include plenty of images of everything I capture. I don’t like to give a cutoff number because I don’t believe in withholding any images from you to limit your choice of final images. These are your memories, I promise to capture them fully and give you more than enough images to remember this time in your lives. Our single session is delivered with a minimum of 40 images.


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