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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 6.11.23 Weekly lifestyle, and creative photography resources.

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We all know by now there's no magic pill or quick fix worth taking, right? Right?

No matter how shiny the email subject line or how persuasive the marketing message is — we still have to participate in doing the work. That done-for-you luxury VIP Day still requires your participation to create, sort and gather the materials for your service provider. Nothing worth having is truly hands-off.

This goes double for your photographs. There is no one-size-fits all posing guide guaranteed to make every body of every age and gender look thin/curvy/tall/etc… It would be a disservice to you for me to tell you otherwise. Like anything in life you have to find your own way into it. Your personal style, home decor or penchant for making grilled margarita pizza wasn't handed to you. You discovered these small delights for yourself through trial and error. Why should your photos be any different?

I know it’s difficult. I’m asking you to take off your armor and begin anew. That's never easy but it is tremendously rewarding.

Love & moxie, xoxo Lisa




And with that said, ready to take a leap of faith with me? Tune in to my first pose-focused YouTube video!


“The transition into motherhood rocked everything I thought I knew about my identity, my desires, and how I envisioned my future.” Meet Self Portrait Studio member Abby Arrizon.

Mood boards

Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

This week I'm bringing you into my personal creative process by giving you access to my very own Mood Board aptly titled, You Are Golden. For me having a personal helps me to define and refine my creative direction as I grow, shift, and expand.

By following my number one rule and having only elements that “gut punch you in the soul” , a mood board provides clarity around the aesthetic and themes that inspire you the most. This is what enables you to develop a distinct style and vision all your own. Click below to see not only what I've pinned, but how I organize all of the elements for maximum inspiration impact.

Photographers Choice.

Extra flair for your week. Click below to visit. xoxo L.

Easy. delicious dinner ideas. Department of Salad for the win.

Reading this and this.

Jane on Jeans - a must for denim lovers.

Heading to Italy this summer? Emiko is sharing her address book with you.

The 15 best small towns to visit in 2023.

In praise of procrastination.

Apple has finally decided to nix "ducking"from autocorrect. Enthusiastic texting can finally go unencumbered.


Q. Hi Lisa! I hope you'll choose my question for the Q + A this week. I'd like to know if I have to wait for the next challenge to join the Self Portrait Studio? If so, when is the next challenge? Thanks, Deb.

A. Hey there, Deb! I'm so glad you asked this question because we have recently made shifts in the membership to accommodate more members who wish to join us but don't want to wait for the next challenge window. We now offer a self paced option for SPS and are set up to accommodate and support members joining anytime! If there happens to be a challenge in progress then they just jump right in with us. If not, there are plenty of resources in the Studio to guide you along your path to self-portrait mastery, I promise.

Here's the scoop on Challenges. We will be hosting fewer 8-week challenges during the year. In between challenges we will be focused on more in-depth technical and creative challenges for our SPS Alumni group, which you are invited to join after completing the self paced version or an 8-week challenge. Feel free to read more about that here. I'll see you in the studio Deb! xoxo Lisa


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