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Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Studio happenings, photography, and weekend reading by Lisa Haukom, Goldenbrand Studio. Sunday Stories to feed your head and inspire your heart.

Pretty is not always the purpose and perfect is never the goal.

Self portraits are a mental exercise as well as a physical one. A release of tension, fear, and frustration. A celebration of seeing ourselves after rewriting the stories of our body, face, and past. Coming home to who we really are, without those stories.

Feeling empowered to create new ones of our own choosing.

I recently challenged myself to do a set of spontaneous self-portraits. My energy was flagging after a busy shoot day and my to-do list was long enough for its own zip code. I had a free 30 minutes and the late afternoon light was calling to me, so I jumped. I didn't plan wardrobe or make up, there were zero props handy, none of the usual lifestyle flourishes I would normally have in my images — just me, my tired body, and pent up emotion.

My camera roll now has 133 more images than it did before. I've shared a few of them with you below.

When I look back at all the ways self portraits have helped me heal and have kept my self image grounded, I feel absolutely giddy for the opportunity to teach others to spend time with themselves and not be afraid of that journey. I am so honored and excited to share this magic with Self Portrait Studio members and with you.




We are always honored to spotlight the stories and photography of inspiring women who’ve found their version of success and fulfillment. Hopefully, hearing their stories will inspire your own pivots, challenges—and beyond. Or maybe we’ll just entertain you.

Either way, we’re glad you’re here.

Gaby joined me inside the Self Portrait Studio community for the following live interview. You'll love hearing Gaby's singular point of view as she draws parallels between the beautiful homes she renovates and her philosophy on life, trusting yourself and making mistakes. Preferring the beauty and charm of older homes Gaby lives for transformation. My favorite part of the interview is when Gaby examines her success, generously sharing her missteps and lessons learned. Enjoy the interview and photography from our photoshoot together.Click to see the entire shoot.


Each of our Editorial Sessions begin with a mood board. We work with editorial clients, like Gaby to develop a visual brand concept weeks before we step into the virtual studio together. These images are then used to spotlight your exciting new offer, website and sales page. We are sharing the exact mood board template we use here in the studio. Tag us on Pinterest with your mood boards - We LOVE seeing them!


This month we are delighted to collaborate with musical maestro Extended Play to bring you a spine-tingling, spooky season playlist to get your body moving.


When directing brand photography we select images that call to our ideal client, styling photos they want to be a part of, and choosing images they can easily see themselves in. Brand photography is about them and the images are styled accordingly. Self Portrait photography however is about the creator and styling comes second to the larger story behind the image, to the emotion being conveyed —and are also styled accordingly.

We are bursting with excitement to share our first ever guest post on the blog. Without a moment's hesitation we handed the reins over to a very capable style expert Catherine Horgan who knows exactly what it means to style yourself for a self portrait session.


Weekly curated moodboards from Lisa, primary photographer at GBS & your personal creativity catalyst.

Pretty is not always the purpose and perfect is never the goal. 30-minute self-portrait session.

Photographers Choice.

Iphone photography lovers rejoice, Moment apps are here to up your photo and video game.

Did you watch the most recent season of Virgin River? I bet you did but won’t admit it. I’m currently secretly watching Kobra Kai.

Inside the homes of 11 master interior designers.

So that's how you tie a scarf.

I can’t wait to read Barbie Nadeau’s new book ‘The Godmother’ which profiles the

women who run the mafia in the south of Italy

Second kitchen yay or nay? Have to admit I'm a nay on this one, it's a little too extra for me.

How to help Cuba and Florida

Listen up NYC locals, I hear good things about Kate Pauley’s incredible dinner party series “Sourdough”. Click for new October dates.



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