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Why Your Personal Brand Isn’t Working

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

If you’re building a personal brand, positioning yourself as a leader is one of the most impactful ways to boost your business.

Why is your business failing? The answer is simple, but you may not like it.

You lack focus and direction – How do I know this?

You started your business with the end goal of making lots and lots of money. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy earning a living with my business too. However, if this is your only goal, you are missing out on a key part of a personal brand growth strategy because you lack a clear plan for how you will make that desired income. Without focused goals and motivators, it is impossible to create a strategy to make money & grow.

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine being lost in the woods without a map and a compass. Endlessly wandering in circles frustrated, without a strategy to reach your destination. Not ideal when all you want to do is get back to the lodge and enjoy a glass of wine by the fire.

When you lack a focused plan, you also lack a strategy to put that plan into action.

Also, consider that money alone is not a sustainable motivator. Time and time again I see clients reach their goals of earning six figures only to become restless, still unfulfilled, chasing the next shiny object that might bring them the joy they are missing in their business.

Many people put off choosing a focus, afraid they will have to commit to this focus for the duration of their business. If you are multi-passionate, as so many of us are, try thinking of it this way…each focus you choose is a building block closer to the end vision of your brand.

Having a compelling focus will help you to be seen as a thought leader in your niche.

Let’s bring this idea to life with an example. If you are building a Facebook consulting business, start by being an expert in one area such as Facebook live. Host several Facebook lives, blog about Facebook Live, offer training webinars, or create YouTube how-to videos. Once you become known for this, add in another area, then another, until you are seen as an expert and master in your niche. Focusing on one area at a time as you grow your business will help you stand out in your chosen field. Trust me, if you try to position yourself as a Facebook expert from the start, your unique voice will be lost and your potential audience will go elsewhere.

Focus then Strategy. Build your business thoughtfully, take your time to master your niche.

Think of your niche as a numbers game. Using our earlier example of a social media coach. Do you want to be competing for an audience in a niche of 10,000 other coaches or do you want to compete in a niche of 200? The more niche you are in your personal brand, the less competition you will have. Now those are odds I like!

Focusing on your niche also saves you tons of time. No more running around, researching 20 topics, now you have room and time to master one thing and become a thought leader in that one specialty. Knowing your focus limits the amount of information you need to learn and therefore you will reach your business goals faster.

I devote time every day to personal development, focusing on leadership, learning, and branding. It is a passion, a goal, and what I help my clients to achieve in their personal brands. Book a consultation call to work with me.


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