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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 7.09.23 Weekly lifestyle, and creative photography resources.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

You are enjoying an abbreviated version of Sunday Stories. To access all the resources including weekly mood boards, playlists, special offers, and what we are loving this week, subscribe.




As we begin to roll out episodes of the NEW Goldenbrand Pod with a regular cadence, I wanted to send a special invitation your way. As a lovely and loyal Sunday Stories subscriber (thank you for that by the way), you will very much be a part of our pod process.

The Goldenbrand Podcast is all about bringing moments to life, embracing curiosity, possibility, and pivot. We are here to dive deep into those exhilarating moments when an idea sparks and has the potential to become something extraordinary. You know the ones - when inspiration strikes and the world seems full of limitless possibilities.With each episode, we will explore what comes next in those pivotal moments and how to make the most of them with your brand visuals.

Here's what makes the pod truly special for us – we want YOU to be a part of these conversations. We believe that creativity thrives when shared and nurtured. That's why we're inviting you, dear subscriber, to engage with offer your insights. Throughout our episodes, you'll have the opportunity to send in questions, comments, and ideas that we'll be featuring on the show. We are also answering all of your questions about brand building, photography, self portraits, + more! Stay tuned for the launch of our very first episode. We cannot wait to embark on this exciting adventure together.


I know I can always find what I am looking for on Pinterest. I pin everything from interior design inspiration for the lake house to eye catching color stories, and my secret stash of wardrobe style I'm currently coveting. Client projects, food styling, my own photography, and things that are simply beautiful. I have a board for just about every visual or creative interest. As a photographer and visual person, I appreciate gorgeous images and wide range of aesthetics. Pinterest provides all that, in addition to offering a visual representation of all the things "me". Sounds great, right? Here's how you can use it for your business and images.

Mood boards

Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

In need of a quick photo polish to promote that new podcast, book, offer or speaking gig? I have your inspiration right here, here and here.

Photographers Choice.

Extra flair for your week. Click below to visit. xoxo L.

Everything to know about the new Threads app.

“Summerland” takes me back to my Santa Barbara days. Well done Will!

For those of you keeping track, it's almost 7-11 day.

Just finished listening to this and this. This is up next.

Finding out who is in the driver's seat has been very, very revealing.

In my EarPods this week: The Friday Q & A episodes of this podcast. The 100th episode of this podcast. And every episode of this pod.


Too hot for you? How to make frozen versions of your favorite cocktails.


Q. I know you have a few options for self-portrait photography. My question is, do I need to buy the course before joining the membership? Thanks, Marybeth

A. Hello Marybeth, thank you for this excellent question! We currently have two offers to learn Self-Portrait Photography. The Self Portrait Studio Membership and the Self Portrait Course. When you join the membership, the course is included and available for you to access during your time in the studio. You also receive access to over 50 hours of process videos (shooting & editing), guest workshops, and mastermind calls. Here are a few more details to help decide which option is best for you. xoxo Lisa

The Self Portrait Studio Membership is perfect for you if

  1. You enjoy learning in a community of like-minded individuals

  2. Would like to work with Lisa in a group environment

  3. Wish to have a camera roll full of content for your socials & website.

  4. Wish to be part of a group where you can be seen and heard as your true self

  5. You are eager to join our popular 8-week Challenge!

The Self Portrait Course is perfect for you if you

  1. Would like life-time access to the material

  2. Enjoy working at your own pace & do not need accountability to complete the material and homework.

  3. Would like to fast-track your learning

  4. If you don't identify as female.


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