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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 5.7.23 Weekly source of lifestyle, creativity, and photography.

We've been in the studio filming and cooking up something spectacular for new business owners. It's called the Self Photo Starter and it answers the top questions I'm often asked about self-photography, while taking you behind the scenes of my own self portrait sessions. It's a perfect bite-sized snack for those of you curious about taking the leap to join us in the Self Portrait Studio.

Speaking of SPS, consider this your special invitation for Sunday Stories subscribers to join the Self Portrait Studio and participate in the next round of the 8-week challenge. Click here for your sweet subscriber rate.

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With her brand ethos focused on liberation, we broke the traditional rules of photography to capture unique angles, colors and the true to life texture of Heather's work. Join us in her Ashville studio!

Robin Davisson Female Abstract Artist Photography


Dancing in the Dark.

Lisa Haukom Goldenbrand photography



Absolutely brimming and bursting with ideas? Let's face it. You're going to scroll and social media, at the end of the day, is not the real enemy here. The way you interact with it is. I'm sharing my tricks to consume as a creator (not a consumer), make the scroll work for you, and hone your eye, while feeding your inspiration and creativity to get more of the good stuff — without falling into comparison and overwhelm.


Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

Dare to go bold in your imagery. It just had to be…stripes. (Click for more)

Photographers Choice.

Extra flair for your week. Click below to visit. xoxo L.

Fall in love with Abby Henry.

Speaking of stripes!

And more stripes!

The Mystic Biz Summit is coming. Stay tuned for your special rates and access.

5 recipes worth memorizing.

Fun and lighthearted travel hacks.

Hey there Buttercup.

Artifact. A news app from the original co-founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.


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Q. I LOVE SUNDAY STORIES! Thank you Lisa for this weekly warm hug. I'm hoping you'll help me identify spots in my home where I can feel proud sharing photos of myself and my space? It is colorful and has many windows, if that helps.

A. It warms my hear to hear this! Personally, I like seeing colorful homes and color is certainly trending online right now so your space will fit right in. The trickier part is shooting with so many windows and having an abundance of natural light. My advice would be to work with the light you have, not against it. Meaning, don't try to shoot at times of the day where the light is streaming in. Watch it flow through your space during the day. Where does it begin in the morning and end at night? What are the brightest parts of the day? Where does it come in at an angle and make interesting shadows on the wall and floor? Find the sweet spots and be ready to go with the camera when the light is perfect. If you find you need more help or find you are over thinking things, consider joining the Self Portrait Studio and learn how to see your space with a photographer's eye.



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