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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 2.26.23

Occasionally women come to see me very hesitantly after having a negative experience with a past photo shoot. Because of that, it becomes much harder to earn their trust, more difficult to get them feeling comfortable, and they are much more resistant to being showered with the support and encouragement they deserve. The negative impact of that one shoot, that one off-hand comment from a photographer, that one wildly unflattering photo that she was shown just because the photographer was more concerned about the good lighting of the image than the client’s feelings, leave them hesitant to try again.

As photographers we hold power in our camera-wielding hands and as such, we need vigilant reminders of how that power can affect the humans in front of our lenses. I know that while I’m capable of transforming women’s opinions of themselves into ones of confidence and worthiness, I'm also capable of delivering a subpar experience by the simple act of not listening. That damage is hard to undo.

I'm granted the opportunity to show people how incredible they are through self-portrait education and photography. No matter your medium, we should always be evolving both our technical capabilities and our emotional intelligence to create experiences that shift self-perception. - With Love & Moxie, Lisa XOXOXO




If I had seen Robin in action, paint brushes in hand wildly mixing color and texture, I would have 1000% introduced myself and begged her to let me photograph her. As it happens, the universe did its magical things to bring her in front of my lens and Robin decided to book a session to celebrate her new look, silver hair — don't care. Here's what we created together.

Robin Davisson Female Abstract Artist Photography


Everywhere and all at once.

Lisa Haukom Goldenbrand photography


When I have the opportunity to interview other creatives here on the blog, I love to ask them how they stay inspired and motivated, especially on the days when they aren't quite feeling it. I've curated a round-up of their top tips and favorite resources for you below, along with my method and philosophy for motivation, inspiration, and creativity.

Lisa Haukom Self Portrait Photography Studio


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Quirky Editorial Photography Poses


Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

Photography is about a single point of a moment. It's like stopping time. As everything gets condensed in that forced instant. But if you keep creating these points, they form a line which reflects your life.

- Nobuyoshi Araki

Photographers Choice.

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Just wore these loafers, for a San Diego day shoot and they were so comfortable.


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Q. The women in your galleries are all so confident, it makes me feel like I can feel confident in photos too. How you direct your subjects to feel comfortable?

A. Everything I do is to inspire confidence in women. I just want to see more confident women in this world. We' re getting there. Women are discovering their voices and body positivity is on the rise. In my studio, we aren't overarching our backs, pushing out our butts and calling it empowerment. We are focusing on the inner world of women, their accomplishments, their talents, their intelligence, and power. It's important to show that side of women in photos, to capture their multi-dimensionality. I direct them gently but intentionally. I'll read their body language and ask them to lift their chin, move their shoulders back, opening them up to the camera to look proud and confident. I'll make minor tweaks to their natural postures, leaving the parts quintessentially them — because that's the magic.


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