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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 1.15.23

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I hope you're ready because this week is loaded with creative inspiration, business know-how and all you need to feed your head and heart this week.

We are full steam ahead (as they say) planning our next photo challenge in the Self Portrait Studio, welcoming in new friends, and celebrating the accomplishments of our Alumni members.

On the photography side of the Goldenbrand, we are working with clients to smooth out their marketing strategy and welcoming new quarterly photoshoot clients to the studio. I've also had the pleasure of collaborating with local clients (in person shoots - yay!) to help showcase their interior design portfolios and creative work.

Whew, onto the goods!




Kelly is a gifted speaker, author, and storyteller. She is one of those people who leave you lighter and feeling more empowered after spending time in their company. Before she joined the Self-Portrait Studio as a founding member, we met on Instagram. We started chatting and it became abundantly clear that we were more than like-minded, when we began to host Clubhouse rooms together. I've also had the honor of hosting Kelly as a workshop leader for the women of SPS. I know you will love her as much as I do. Read more below.


Studio playlist. Here's what we are spinning this month.

Lisa Haukom Goldenbrand photography

Case Study.

Photos don't need to come first.

⁣⁣When Lauren initially reached out, she was in need of photography for her interior design portfolio, and a marketing plan to help reach potential clients. At the time she was working with a modest budget and made the decision to work on her creative strategy first, then follow up with a photoshoot later. During our 90 minute consultation we created a strategy to amplify her current visibility (using her existing photos) and accelerate her brand growth with partnership and collaboration. Within two months Laura increased her budget enough to book a session and get the images she needed for her portfolio.

“There is so much value in working with someone who specializes creative strategies (for creatives). Lisa anticipated my needs and had a deep respect for my established aesthetic. Her communication style was efficient and genuinely enjoyable. I can't speak more highly of the experience!”

— Lauren N.

Have a creative idea, budding business, or existing product? We would love to talk about photographing it to match your aesthetic. Let's tell your story together.


When I first created the Self-Portrait Studio from a simple course called Confidence on Camera, I never imagined it would grow into a warm, supportive, and wonderful membership like SPS. Like most good things in life, the Studio needed to go through a few iterations to find just the right mix of education, support, and community for its members. Originally launched as the All In Membership, the Studio's goal was just that — to support business founders in all ways possible, with self-portraits featured in a much smaller role. Now, of course they are front and center. After seeing the success of the women who have completed the self-portrait challenge, I believe in their power to transform the way we see ourselves and what we can achieve.

Self-portrait photography is at the very core of everything we do in SPS. As we near the end of the October challenge, I wanted to invite you to join the February Studio Challenge. Details are below, we start February 2.


Here's what I've been sharing over on The House At Gibs Landing.

Since cauliflower is the current belle of the veggie ball, making an appearance as pizza crust, crackers, and as a main course, we thought it was the perfect time to share our favorite year-round recipe for the perfect Sunday lunch — cauliflower soup. Smooth, creamy, dairy-free, and vegetarian, this is the soup you’ll want to eat all year long. Here's how to make it yourself.


Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

When France entered lockdown in March 2022, demand for Jamie Beck used the extra time to post one artistic composition each day under the hashtag #IsolationCreation. Each photo has an inspiring message and was taken in her home, with whatever materials were on hand. We love her romantic images and are impressed with her patience creating each image. Between designing, composing, and editing her shots, it can take up to ten hours to produce a single photo. Visit her instagram for more inspiration.

Photographers Choice.

Extra flair for your week. Click below to visit. xoxo L. People are loving SPS Self-Portraits.

The New York Times Agrees, iPhone photos are even better.

What to read and watch if you have the January blues.

This fashion stylists Brooklyn home makes me smile.

Biking across the US on a tandem bike: Hong Kong couple’s 6,000km trip of a lifetime.

Golden presets are even better. See them in action.


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Q. You are adding so many new items to your brand. How do you continue to evolve without rebranding completely?

A. As far as the content I cover, that evolves organically along with my life. Originally, the Goldenbrand was brand strategy and photography. Then when I began my daily self-portrait practice and started hosting workshops, it slowly grew to encompass the other loves of my life. Now, with our move to the Pacific Northwest and a return to slow living, it’s becoming about creative freedom, food, photography, and community. I love that it’s grown in such a way to allow me to share everything I’m passionate about with my audience whether that’s a recipe for for food or for an excellent photo.


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