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Self-Portrait Photography: Forget Selfies. Here's how to take better photos with your iPhone

Updated: Oct 2

There is such a stigma around loving photos of yourself. It's hard enough to capture an image you actually like, but what happens when we do snap a good one? We tend to shrug it off, chalk it up to luck — diminish its magic. We find this cycle exhausting. There are many, many other things I would rather have occupy that same space in my brain. Here, we believe you are your best subject. We invite you to begin your self portrait photography journey and to finally forget all about selfies.


What began as a standalone digital course has evolved into a thriving membership community empowering women to love, heal, and accept themselves—and, yes, learn how to take a good selfie!—through the transformative art of self-portrait photography.

The Solution to "How to Be Photogenic"

It's our goal to create movement around that loop you are in. You've already identified the problem; not loving your photos and really wanting to put that self-criticism aside. We are here to help alleviate the parts of the problem that are coming from your own mind, as well as the parts of the problem that are socially-oriented (like playing down the magic of a great photo). There is power in loving yourself. Raw, honest, passionate love. The only thing "wrong" with you is believing you aren't worthy of that love, exactly as you are.

Abby Arrizon, Self Portrait Studio Member

"Let’s just say, when I found Lisa, I’d rather clean toilets than be in portraits. Lisa’s confidence spilled right over into me, and I decided to give it a go - Not only did I start it outside my comfort zone, but it has expanded my comfort zone to such an extent that I landed smack in the middle of being….well, comfortable!

Comfortable on camera, sure, but mostly comfortable in my own skin, in my own body, with being seen as ME. And that confidence has supported me as I launched my first program, refined how I work with clients, as I’m building my website and showing up on social media, as EXACTLY MYSELF. Lisa’s guidance (from prepping the shoot, to posing, to editing), alongside the support of the community she’s growing, where each woman is encouraged to let more of herself show up and shine through, is PHENOMENAL. Not only did I not know that I’d enjoy the process of taking self-portraits, I had no idea I’d actually be able to love photos of myself. I feel like this course and studio community are like a magical chrysalis, where you go in a as caterpillar and emerge as a butterfly.”

— Abby Arrizon, Self Portrait Studio Member

How to create a self portrait

We do this in a very practical way, through the back camera lens, using only natural light, tripod, and the camera in our mobile phone. No need for expensive equipment or studio lighting. We've pared it down to the basics, keeping the setup simple and do-able, with the focus on you. When you see a photograph you love, it's easy to immediately credit the gear — oh they must have a really expensive camera, you say. We just can’t help assuming whatever they are doing is out of our reach.

Yes, gear matters. I have loads of it. But it isn’t everything. Taking the time to set your intention, create your moodboard, sit for self portrait sessions (back camera only), and really look at the photos is where the magic lies. And yes, even you can take creative self portraits you'll love.

“I struggled with having my pictures taken for a while because in my mind, taking pictures of myself was narcissistic. Lisa really opened my mind to why I felt this way and helped me heal my harsh self judgment. I am softer now, more forgiving.”

— Sarah S. Self Portrait Studio Member

The Self Portrait Photography Method

*No photography experience necessary

​The Self Portrait Photography Method is for you if:

You are done picking yourself apart, photo after photo.

You can’t post a picture without cringing.

You want to learn how to take a good selfie (with iPhone cameras, ideally!).

You berate yourself for not being “perfect” or “beautiful enough”.

You are tired of comparing yourself to others on social media.

You believe you’ll never be photogenic.

You are camera shy.

You understand that you need strong brand photography to grow your personal brand, but hiring a professional photographer every quarter is out of your budget.

You wish someone would take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how to get that perfect shot and give you the confidence to try it yourself.

It’s time.

Before you read any further, know this:

Your feelings are valid.

You are seen.

You are heard.

You are held.

It’s tough to get in front of the camera. Some may even find it triggering. But it’s worth the discomfort. Why? Self portraiture is a powerful exercise to see yourself in a new way—the first step toward a new, healthy relationship with your face, your body, and your spirit. Until now, your experience in front of the camera has likely been limited: It’s not easy to feel at ease with a professional photographer. There’s the crush of vulnerability coupled with the pressure to perform (you only booked an hour long session, after all). Still, you expect to do well and look your best—and when you don’t, you blame yourself. We’ve all experienced that same internal dialogue: Not photogenic enough, not thin enough, not radiant enough, not relaxed enough, not happy enough…not worthy. Not true!

None of it is true.

It’s time to learn how to love yourself and be confident through the transformative power of self portrait photography.


Don’t you wish someone would just tell you what to do in photos and help you feel confident enough to do it without...⁣

Hiring a photographer and feeling like you somehow underperformed for them.⁣⁣

Looking at that self portrait photo and feeling disappointed — seeing a missed opportunity. ⁣



First, know that everyone who joins the membership is on the starting line with you.

The video modules and resources in the Self Portrait Course are designed for women who are completely new to the world of photography. We’ll cover the principles of self portrait photography from prep to location, flattering lighting and self portrait clothes, and execution. Pressure for perfection doesn’t exist here, and the best way to learn is to simply begin. You’re encouraged to ask for help in the online women’s community—Lisa or one of our seasoned members are available for support and additional feedback.


Hear hear! Self portraits are a fantastic visual benchmark for your self-development progress. A quick flip through previous sessions will demonstrate just how much you have evolved creatively, emotionally, and spiritually in a short period of time. We always cap off our 8-week challenges by revisiting the first prompt in the series. Members continue to be astounded by the rapid evolution of their personal editing, confidence, and style in that short period of time.


One of the ways I keep things simple and stress-free is by shooting everything on my iPhone. SPS members shoot everything on their mobile phone cameras with a tripod and natural lighting. Besides, learning how to take a good selfie with iPhone cameras is a handy skill to develop, whether for a private self love photoshoot or a night out!


Ah, this is one of the biggest pain points for members! Not to worry. I take you behind the scenes into my own space, showing you the nooks and crannies I've carved out for my photo sessions and share tips on finding the best light and location for your space


Everyone. Anyone can take beautiful photos, with practice. You don’t need to be a photographer or have photography experience to join. In fact, even our more seasoned photographers find themselves back at the starting line. So, even if you have oodles of experience, it won't give you an advantage. SPS is for the woman who seeks the confidence to love her pictures—and for those of you who can’t wait to be your own brand photographer.


Yes. If you follow along with the modules and simply start, you will achieve the results you are looking for. I've seen it again and again: members too nervous to begin, worried they aren't good enough or that their photos won't be perfect, stuck in the “but how?” Once you release rigid expectations and become curious, everything shifts. Magic happens, friends.

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