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NOTEWORTHY: Repose and Relax or "Have You Seen My Cute Shoes?"

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Oh no, don't get up, a moodboard & playlist for those moments when you want to don your favorite heels, sprawl and look fabulous doing it.


Long gone are lady like prim poses. "Boss babe" has also (thankfully) gone by the wayside and I love what's taking it's place, the femme fatale sprawl. A mood so artfully slouched and deflated you wouldn't dare ask them to pass something just out of reach. From inspiring to comical you'll adore this repose and relax moodboard & playlist.

Source: Pinterest

I adore the Dutch feel of the props, those mirrors, the chicken, the sheep! The ornate mirrors reflecting the opposite side of the room and layers of textiles, from the rug under her feet to her wardrobe and the meal behind her, give this photo an extravagant feel worthy of her I belong here, legs akimbo pose. I'm thinking her leg position was a happy coincidence given the height of her heels and the length of her dress. So happy they went for something other than legs crossed/knees together.

Source: Pinterest

Modern Victorian meets Versace in this gorgeous image where we are clearly supposed to be focused on her shoes but can't look away from her eyes, which are captivating. Bonus mini pink and raspberry color story here also.

Source: Pinterest

Why limit yourself to furniture for repose and relax? A truly glorious sprawl, once again I feel we are supposed to noticed the shoe here. A wonderful study of texture and pattern.

Source: Pinterest

Perhaps my favorite of the group since it has so many elements of Disco Bestie to it, use of flash and disregard for straight lines. The bent ankle makes another appearance here adding to the off kilter feel of the image and bringing our attention to the shoe.

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