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How to Motivate Like a Boss

How to Motivate like a Boss Blog Post Lisa Haukom The Golden Brand

How to Motivate like a Boss Blog Post Lisa Haukom The Golden Brand

Here’s how to nurture creativity & motivation, even on the crummiest of days.

Most days I wake up to the sun shining through my window, refreshed with tons of energy and excited to lead and dig into the day.  I am often annoyingly optimistic and happy – just ask my family (they are so not morning people).

But today I woke to a dull orange twilight, huge plumes of smoke from wildfires and hunks of ash falling from the sky like snowflakes, and I felt… so very drained.

Bicycle against yellow wall

On these days, it’s easy to look around at happily motivated people and ask; How do they show up with so much creativity every day?

What do they know that I don’t?

How do they make it look sooooo easy?

Like me, I know you too have huge goals and journals full of ideas, but some days it’s just plain hard to get rolling.  The motivation simply isn’t there – your creative energy is just…missing. It’s frustrating and discouraging as hell- and so easy to fall into a pit of self-pity, forgetting how much you still have to be grateful for and how far you have come.

Then I remember, those leaders I’ve been comparing myself to, they have those days too.

The only difference is they have a go-to routine to bounce back.  They know when to take a break, move their body, eat good food…learn something new.

Here’s how I reenergize and reactivate my motivation when on a low-energy day.

The key is routine. Every single morning I make time to reflect & meditate.  I am an early riser and usually have the early hours all to myself, just me and the pups. Reflection can be journaling, creative writing or just going for a walk alone, without the iPhone. Whatever works best for you is fine. Don’t get hung up on the type of journal you need to use or what to write – just start anywhere with what you have on hand.

I am so grateful for the daily guided meditation from The Infinity Call, without which I would never have had the self-discipline to meditate every day. My huge almond milk latte followed by a healthy shake topped off with a sweat session usually has me feeling like myself again.  Pick your favorite; yoga, walking, biking, or dancing, and move your body.

My usual morning choice is a podcast but for low-days like today, I’ll blast my favorite tunes.

I used to get so upset on unproductive days, feeling they were a total loss. I have learned not to be so hard on myself and to know that it is perfectly fine to be aware of when to rest.  Sometimes recharging and giving in to the need to be still and quiet is what is needed.  After all, isn’t listening to your intuition also what makes you a great leader?  

Here’s to your positive motivation today, no matter what kind of day you are having.


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