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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 4.16.23 Weekly lifestyle Roundup. How to make the scroll work for you

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Sunday Stories is back after a brief, but lovely hiatus!

We decided to step back allowing space to intentionally review our big vision for the Goldenbrand, incorporate your recent feedback from our survey, and set plans in motion for some big moves in the pipeline. Excited to share it all with you here first!




Meet Kristina Lacson McConnico designer of capsule clothing brand Lacson Ravello.

Kristina won my heart and support with her Fall 2022 season photoshoot dedicated to addressing age diversity in fashion campaigns. After working for large retailers such as Gap Inc., Bebe, and Target Corporation Kristina launched Lacson Ravello, a thoughtfully designed capsule clothing collection based in Oakland, CA. Kristina's designs are for the "confident and stylish Gen-X woman who refuses to let age define her. She believes "these are women in their 40s and 50s who are shaking things up, rewriting the rules, and creating their path through mid-life." They don't believe in quietly slipping into middle age. Kristina agrees. I know you'll enjoy this conversation with her as much as I did!

Robin Davisson Female Abstract Artist Photography


Dancing in the dark.

Lisa Haukom Goldenbrand photography


With their focus on self care and conscious living The Good Trade felt like the perfect platform for my self-portrait journey. I am beyond honored to have my article featured on their website. Would love to hear your thoughts. Read more below —>

Lisa Haukom Self Portrait Photography Studio


Let's face it. You're going to scroll and social media, at the end of the day, is not the real enemy here. The way you interact with it is. I'm sharing my tricks to consume as a creator (not a consumer), make the scroll work for you, and hone your eye, while feeding your inspiration and creativity to get more of the good stuff — without falling into comparison and overwhelm.

Quirky Editorial Photography Poses


Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

LIGHT: Filtered light, intentional light, watery light, spotlight.

Photographers Choice.

Extra flair for your week. Click below to visit. xoxo L. Fun photography in this Katie Holmes interview.

Spent the weekend painting bathrooms, hallways, and furniture. Also snagged this cute rug for the studio.

Your favorite post this week.

Listen in on my conversation with Ravel Radio host Cara Steinmann where we discuss everything from self-portraits to personal branding and how women can support one another.

During my time away I finally implemented a CRM - why didn't I do this sooner? I'm finally feeling organized and to-do list free.

Big Molly Baz fans over here. New wine by the one and only.

Thinking of joining the next 8-week Self Portrait Studio Challenge? Read this first.

“When in Rome — or Cabo or Tokyo — put down your phone.”

The Who, What, Wear 100: Every Single Spring Item You Should Be Shopping.

You know I love a good sheet pan dinner.

Happy to report this only gets softer the more you wash it.




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