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How to be more visible in your brand

Let’s start by acknowledging it’s okay if just the thought of putting yourself front and center of your brand is panic-inducing. This is especially so if you have been stuck comparing yourself to others and are doubting your unique skills.  Still, you know you need to put yourself out there and be more visible in your brand, here’s 4 ways to do it and what to expect when you do.


1. Chose the right platform...for you

Let me ask you a question.  Can you build a community around your brand and sell your product or service without being visible? It would be pretty difficult right?  People cannot buy from you if they cannot find you.  Put yourself out there though, let people get to know you and they will be magnetized by your unique qualities.  

One way to do this is to choose the right platform for you.  What do I mean by this?

If you enjoy writing, blog about your business.  If you enjoy building a community and talking with your followers, Instagram is perfect for you!  Want offer group coaching in a private group – Facebook is your platform.  If you are terrified by the thought of being on camera, and start a YouTube account you aren’t going to show up for your audience.  Picking a platform where you can easily show up as yourself is key for your visibility strategy.

2. Be Patient and persevere

Once you do choose your (happy place) platform…Be patient!  It is likely you will need to get comfortable with little feedback, at least in the beginning.

Very few brands go viral right out of the gate. Let’s be honest here, would you know what to do if you did?  Not many of us would.  It takes time to scale your business and overnight success would ultimately lead to chaos and burnout.

Be patient and allow your chosen platform to grow organically.  Chances are, you will feel like you are sending golden nuggets of wisdom out into the void, and initially, it will be quiet so don’t place too much emphasis on likes and comments.  

Just because people aren't clicking, doesn't mean they aren't watching you.

When you put your energy into platforms where your content has value and grows connections, you will have a far greater engagement and eventually, sustainable, consistent sales.

Your increased visibility will draw your audience to you.  It is important not to get frustrated by the number of likes or followers in the early days.  Be patient and keep doing your thing.  Here’s why.

Let’s say your post gets 3,000 views and 100 likes.  Of those 100 likes, 5 people DM you and from there you add two new clients! I am guessing you’d rather have the two new clients instead of likes from the 2,900 people who clearly aren’t your target audience.

3. Everyone was once a beginner

Not only does it take time to build your audience, but it also takes time to master your platform.  If you have decided a blog and Instagram (my favorites) are where you need to be, learn everything you can about them.  

Develop systems for engaging on them to ensure you aren’t wasting precious time scrolling.  I like to vary my content by answering questions on #asklisa Wednesday and including a round-up post video post every Friday.  Maybe you will love Instagram Lives and can go live with another brand.  If you are creative, use Reels to your advantage.   

Ask your audience what content they like and master it!.  Become an expert in showing up on your chosen platform so you can be visible consistently.

4. Work with your personality

I know it’s hard but never feel like you should be doing something that seems to be working well for someone else.  Chances are, it works so well for them because that is just their personality.

We have all seen the accounts that go live every day and share videos of their every waking moment.  For me, an extroverted-introvert, it just seems exhausting to be on all the time.  I know I will have days when I am super social and others when I would rather make one-on-one client calls.  I make sure to stay visible by batching content and videos on my chatty days, for use on the days when I feel more introspective.

Remember, if it feels good and you enjoy doing it, you will show up consistently for it.  

Work with your particular personality and comfort level to choose what feels good for you and your business.  Remember, if it feels good and you enjoy doing it, you will show up consistently for it.  That is the key to visibility my friend!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to start being more visible in your brand.  If you would like more help, download my in-depth Guide to Personal Branding, 5 Steps to Easier Branding.

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Have we met yet?

Hi, I’m Lisa!  I help business owners build their personal brand by teaching them how to launch, grow and monetize their online business by focusing specifically on messaging, audience building, and choosing the right platforms.  After coaching dozens and dozens of business owners, I have realized they need additional support as the leaders of their business, with tips for motivation and personal development.  Let’s work together!  Book a call


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