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How to Avoid Burnout When Life Gets Crazy-busy

Not your ordinary kind of happy-busy. I’m talking about crazy-busy. Busy-where-you-forget-to-eat-lunch-busy. When crazy-busy happens it always centers me to get organized! (or clean the house, anyone else?)

This past week was crazy-busy juggling client calls, a client photos shoot, launching an intern program (more on that later), and a new school schedule, all while preparing for a move and being under threat of wildfires only a few miles away from our home in Pasadena, Pressing pause to get super organized in the midst of chaos might seem like insanity, avoidance, or at best only a temporary sense of being in control again, but I would argue it’s more than that.

Taking time to prioritize your needs, thoughts, and activities, when the storm starts brewing, is imperative to avoiding burnout.

The secret is to schedule a time to pause. But I don’t have time, my calendar is full, I can do it all-it’s fine! I’d rather sleep…I know all the excuses because I have been there, running myself ragged, creativity drained and that fire inside of me left dwindling. You can relate, right? As women, we have a tendency to do and to give, sometimes too much.

Here are three things you can do now to nurture your creative spark and find sanity in the midst of crazy-busy.

Move your body

I’m going full-out mama bear mode here because this is non-negotiable if you want to neurologically & chemically de-stress. You don’t have to go full Lululemon gym girl mode here but you do have to move. Exercising makes me feel invincible, it puts me in a better mood and helps me move past any mental blockages I have. So, go for a 20-minute walk without your phone, put on your favorite tunes, and have a dance party, have a 15-minute stretch session or jump rope for 10 minutes. Pick one try it for a week, you will thank me.

Make time for personal development

Nothing stresses me out like the creative well running dry because I haven’t taken the time to replenish it. As a business mentor and coach it is so important for me to constantly improve my skills for my community. Keep honing your craft, keep learning. Just because you have a six-figure business doesn’t mean you should stop learning new material and creating your own method for teaching it to your clients. If you neglect to develop your skills, things will feel stale quickly and you’ll go back into hustle (crazy-busy) mode to fix it. End the cycle.

Schedule it!

This bring me to my point at the very beginning. Get organized and schedule numbers 1 & 2 in your calendar along with your business appointments and tasks. Make them a priority. People always ask me how I get so much done, here’s the thing. I schedule my priorities first then schedule work around that. Family, friends, me time come first and keeping my calendar very organized guarantees time for it all. Still feeling like you don’t have enough time? Start your day earlier. Yes, I’m serious. Tuesday & Wednesday my client calls start at 10am so I start my day at 6 am to fit in my morning routine ( see previous posts) and personal development time. This is how I stay sane and out of crazy-busy mode.

Watch my IGTV video here to see my super-scheduling tips!


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