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5 TIPS FOR Unconventional INSTAGRAM Self Portraits to get you out of your selfie rut.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

You know I love a good self portrait or selfie. Remember this post about upping your selfie game? Selfies are here to stay, but what do you do when you want something different from your average smile at the camera photo?

You take an unconventional self portrait.

Here are five tips for unconventional Instagram self-portraits that will help you get creative & out of your selfie rut.

1. Take your face out of it. Do you have something about yourself that defines you? Make that the focus of the photo instead of your face. For example, I love interior design and lifestyle images so I mix up my Instagram feed with images that show behind the scenes of my home. This has the added benefit of breaking up selfie after selfie in your feed flow.

2. Do you have a hobby? A Habit? Make that the focus of your photo or show yourself doing it. This helps us get to know the real you and also using props is a great way to help you relax during a self portrait session. Props also have the benefit of giving you something to do with your hands. If your habits and hobbies are difficult to capture naturally in images show us your environment. Your home or local neighborhood.

3. Focus on a body part: your arms, your legs, your hands. The placement of hands can add so much depth to the story behind the image. They are an excellent conveyor of emotion. Are they fisted? You'll seem uncomfortable. Are they long and clamshell-like? You'l.l seem open and confident, at ease with yourself and your portrait.

4. Out of focus: make your shot dreamy or mysterious or creepy by not having it in focus. These are always some of my favorites to show your unique point of view and creativity. For a bonus, you can tell the story behind the inspiration for the photo!

5. Crop creatively. Showcase only part of your face: your eyes, your ears, your mouth. This is also a good way to repurpose an image several ways. Enjoy yourself, be creative & explore!

Ready to begin your self-portrait journey? Grab my complete Confidence on Camera Course where I walk you through everything you need to take beautiful self-portraits with items you already have on hand. No fancy lighting, cameras or skill required!


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