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Portrait Photography like whoa — now in your living room.

Welcome to the Goldenbrand Virtual Studio where we create iconic imagery in the most easeful environment there is – your own abode.

Welcome to the Virtual Portrait Studio


Thanks to the wonders of technology (and our smartphones), I can be your photographer–and you, my muse–from anywhere in the world.

The result?

A tailored brand photography experience in an intimate environment where you’re safe to be seen–from the comfort of your home (and your solitude). We don’t have to be together to shoot together. All you need is your smartphone. With a simple remote connection and a video chat, I’ll be on the other side of the call, directing you, supporting you, and bringing your vision to life. A secure link is what’ll allow me to see everything your phone's camera sees–and that’s how we’ll capture every moment. Cool, right? Once our shoot is wrapped, I’ll retouch and edit every image for a polished final product, then deliver to you in a private online gallery.

From planning to execution, a shoot in the Virtual Portrait Studio is fun and easy–and there’s no pressure to perform.

It's not easy to capture powerful photos during the early stages of your business. There’s a lot to consider–leading to your fair share of mental roadblocks to overcome.

–You may not know what to expect from a brand shoot–what’s it like to work with a professional photographer, anyway? 
–Your space isn't aesthetic enough for the kind of photos you need–where else can you take them?
–Your content strategy has a ton of boxes to check–would one shoot be enough to cover it all?
–In contrast, maybe stock photography and selfies have been doing the job–do you even need a big branding shoot?
–You wish entrepreneurship didn’t require so much of your face–does anyone enjoy being in front of the camera, like ever?

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Here’s the truth:

Photography has the power to help you build trust, align with your clients, and communicate your value (not to mention the values you hold dear). We’re here to help you build confidence in who you already are so you can inspire confidence in the clients you crave.

I’m Lisa, Creative Director of The Golden Brand, and here’s what I believe: Photography that celebrates you as an entrepreneur will celebrate you as an individual, too. The vitality of personal brand photography isn't just for content strategy, but for self-actualization, too. There may be plenty of reasons to push a photoshoot further down the priorities list, but at what cost?

Trust me: One photoshoot is all it takes to realize the power of current, compelling content, but it’s the feeling of being seen that you’ll cherish the most. By starting small in the comfort of your own home, my virtual portrait studio empowers you with confidence, ease, and reassurance that a photoshoot can be exactly what you need it to be for this season of business.


–Creative direction and resources for success
–Thirty minute virtual photo shoot, directed remotely
–Ten high-resolution, professionally edited images in an online gallery
–Content inspiration for future photo shoots
–Three day turnaround time


Now Booking for
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Here's a quick quiz to see if you're ready:

–You need on-brand imagery for web and social like, yesterday
–You’re new to entrepreneurship and not in need of a branding session that pulls out all the stops

(not yet, at least)
–You’ve never worked with a professional photographer before and the idea of it is a little nerve-wracking
–You’ve been putting off the essential photos your website needs–your headshot-less About page is starting to look a little suspicious…
–You’re curious about the virtual photoshoot experience–what does this actually look like?

If it’s a “yes” for any of the above, the Virtual Portrait Studio is for you! Get a chance to experience the high touch service of a photographer IRL without ever leaving your home. Introverts, rejoice!


No pressure to show up to the shoot with your game face on, nervous as heck and feeling like you are out of your depth. We are focused on the storytelling aspect, yes, but ultimately, we want to capture our subjects candidly, honestly, and spontaneously.



Schedule your shoot. 

Select a date and time for your session below. Once you inquire, you’ll receive an email to make your booking official. I’ll ask you to start preparing a mood board to communicate your vision. Before the shoot, you'll also be asked to send pictures of the space you'd like to be photographed in. This will help me strategize creative direction and lighting ahead of the shoot.

Curate your mood board.


Think about how you want your session to feel. Here’s an even better question: Ask how you’ll want your ideal clients to feel when they see the finished product. Would you like them to perceive you as a visionary? A trendsetter? A trailblazer? A friend with great advice up their sleeve no matter what? Fill a Pinterest board with images that speak to you. The board will be open during our shoot to ensure aesthetic alignment.

Get excited!

As your shoot day approaches, I recommend purchasing a basic tripod to make it easier to compose our photographs. I’m happy to share my recommendations if you don’t already own one. Regardless, you’ll want to be sure your tripod is as tall as you are so we can snag the most flattering angles we can.

Log on


Ten minutes ahead of your session, log into the Virtual Portrait Studio. Directions to access the studio will be provided in advance by email. We’ll use an application to facilitate the secure remote connection between our devices. Before our shoot, make sure your phone is fully charged and have a charger handy just in case.


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