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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 4.02.23

Here's what I learned about you this week.

You L O V E lifestyle and creative-focused content. You are cuckoo for our moodboardsand head over heels for our in-depth heart to heart blog interviews. In fact, you frequently follow and connect with the women we feature. You're also itching for more behind the scenes content, and are particularly curious about the inner workings of the Self Portrait Studio, virtual sessions, and my personal self portrait sessions. You trust our brand recommendations (thanks for that) and want to see more Goldenbrand collaborations and partnerships — specifically in the lifestyle space. 40% of you are following ourGoldenbrand studio content and also enjoying Gib's Landing content. 90% of you think our playlists rock and a handful of you have listened to ALL 8 of our guest podcast episodes (again, thank you). So far, it sounds like we are doing well to serve up the good stuff for our audience, all excellent to know!

If you're feeling behind, allow me to catch you up. Last week a survey went out to Goldenbrand subscribers asking for feedback on our content across the board. The survey will be open for another week, I'd love to hear from YOU.

I put my heart and soul into the content shared with you and know you are making a conscious choice to spend time with us. We adore you for that. With love and moxie.

- XOXO Lisa




This photo session with Gay Jegers ended with virtual hugs and kisses, that’s how magical our time together was. It was an absolute pleasure to capture Gay in her working art studio. She fits so well into this joyful, creative space and was comfortable painting from a blank canvas so I could capture her process live. And doesn’t she look fab, thanks to our in-house stylist Catherine Horgan.

Robin Davisson Female Abstract Artist Photography


Golden Studio Volume Nine

Lisa Haukom Goldenbrand photography


“If there's one thing we've learned from the digital age, it's that a stunning photograph without a soul is just a snapshot. Why invest all your energy in capturing an image that falls short on telling your real story and true essence? As an editorial, lifestyle, and portrait photographer, Lisa Haukom is a master of bringing those personal moments and strong emotions to life. Her collaborative and storytelling approach is evident in every project she takes on, whether creating eye-catching content for social media or providing art direction for growing brands.” Read more below —>

Lisa Haukom Self Portrait Photography Studio


What tripod do you use? What camera is the best? Where did you get that shirt and what color is your lipstick? Today I'm answering all of your questions and sharing my favorite Studio, Tech, and Style MVP's on the blog. Enjoy!

Quirky Editorial Photography Poses


Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

This week we need power suit poses with velvety textures and monochromatic colors in Starburst candy color.

Photographers Choice.

Extra flair for your week. Click below to visit. xoxo L. Listen in on my conversation with Ravel Radio host Cara Steinmann where we discuss everything from self-portraits to personal branding and how women can support one another.

Your favorite blog post this week: The Importance of Self Portrait Photography.

I made this quick sheet pan dinner for the fam and they loved it.

Equally sobering and fascinating: Do your friends actually like you? .

They sold their house to live on a tiny narrow boat full-time (video).

Having Daisy Jones withdrawal? This interview with the costume designer, Denise Wingate will get your creativity flowing! In the mood for pics instead of a pod? Click here.

The tired trope of the Power Hungry Woman.

7 books that Vanity Fair editors can’t stop talking about.

Fall in love with this self-portrait artist. In honor of trans-visibility day.


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