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Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Studio happenings, photography, and weekend reading by Lisa Haukom, Goldenbrand Studio. Sunday Stories to feed your head and inspire your heart.

Happy Sunday from California!

Travel always brings such lovely perspective on life. It's good to step out of our routines and shake up our days with new people and adventures. I'm collaborating with a few new friends this week while sending hazy sun and salty breezes your way with some shots from my trip.

I don't want to keep you from the gems below. Hope you love them!



California vistas by Lisa Haukom


The new website update is complete and we finally have everything under one virtual roof! I'm especially proud of our thoughtful FAQ sections and client galleries, not to mention thrilled that SPS and Portrait Sessions pages finally have permanent homes!


When you look at a photo of yourself, do you cringe? Are you always the one offering to take the photo so you don't have to be in it? Do you think it would be nice to have some photos of you that you love but you get so nervous? If you said yes, you'll love my chat with Renae Saager from Ditch the Binge Podcast.


This month we are delighted to collaborate with musical maestro Extended Play to bring you a spine-tingling, spooky season playlist to get your body moving.


Weekly curated moodboards from Lisa, primary photographer at GBS & your personal creativity catalyst.

“I’ve always designed things I needed myself. It turns out other people need them, too.” -Claire McCardell

Meet Claire McCardell author of the 1956 classic What Shall I Wear?, a book of fashion advice for women of all ages and visionary behind ready-to-wear fashion for women. McCardell tossed aside girdles, darts, shoulder pads, and unwieldy zippers that ran along the back of garments, as well as Paris fashion trends, and developed the distinctive, mid-century style known as The American Look which embodied both elegant simplicity and practical purpose. “I like buttons that button and bows that tie,” she once said.

"She modernized the way women dress." — Anna Sui

McCardell’s designs served as the go-to fashion inspiration for the Emmy-winning Amazon Prime hit The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Necessity was the mother of her inventions. to lighten her luggage on her European travels, McCardell created separates by designing dresses with interchangeable blouses and skirts. “She modernized the way women dress,” designer Anna Sui told The Washington Post. “Her clothes are timeless.”

Photographers Choice.

Enjoying this podcast on building a happier life. Start with this episode.

Hooray for cozy season! Here's 29 movies to get excited about.

Finding a convo between Jane Fonda and Jenny Holzer to be just as wonderful as I expected it to be.



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