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How to Deal With Copycats on Social Media: 10 Tips (Plus Podcast Recs!) to Turn Imitation into Inspiration

Updated: 6 days ago

It's summertime, and we're all about living our best lives. But let's be real, this season can also be a sticky one for showing up online. Why? Because while we're out there creating amazing content inspired by our real-life adventures, it can be frustrating to see someone else heavily "inspired" by the work you've poured your heart into.

If you've ever felt this frustration, you're not alone. In fact, I wrote a whole blog post about it called "Content Copycats?When Your Followers Start Copying Your Style, That's a Good Problem to Have...But Here's How to Solve it." In this post, I share 5 ways to stand out when everyone's copying your style. You can check it out here

To celebrate the Goldenbrand Podcast turning ONE, I've got 10 MORE unconventional tips to help you turn the copycat conundrum into a catalyst for growth, each paired with the perfect podcast episode to dive deeper:

  1. Steal This Template (Seriously!): Invite your followers to steal your next Reel. Save it as a template and encourage them to make it their own, like I do here.

  2. Remix My Audio: Use my original podcast audio or voiceover as the soundtrack for your next Reel and share your own unique take similar to this reel.

  3. Turn Copycats into Collaborators: Instead of feeling threatened, reach out to those who are copying you. Maybe there's an opportunity to work together. Listen to Episode 17: Why Community is Your Business's Biggest Asset for more on building connections and collaboration. [link to the episode]

  4. Create a Community Around Your Brand: Foster a strong community of loyal followers who resonate with your unique voice and style. Listen here.

  5. Focus on Innovation: Don't let the fear of copycats hold you back from trying new things. I share more tips for this here.

  6. Remember, You're the Original: No one can replicate your authentic self. Focus on your true fans and the value you're creating!

  7. Use Analytics to Your Advantage: Track your engagement to identify what's working and what's not.

  8. Celebrate Your Originality: Remind yourself and your audience that you're the original, and that's something to be proud of. Episode 22: Selfies Are So 2015. Meet the New Selfie. Plus the Ripple Effect of One Good Photo shares how to embrace your authentic self in photos and videos. Listen here.

  9. Blanket Your POV: Share your unique perspective across multiple platforms to solidify your brand and reach a wider audience. I like to start with Instagram (my main island), then share snippets or conversation starters on Threads,Pinterest, my blog, podcast, and newsletter (hi!). This helps solidify your brand and reach a wider audience. Episode 8:How to Create a Content Strategy (and Actually Stick to It!) offers tips for planning your content across multiple platforms. Listen here.

I love this for us! It means you've nailed your POV so well that everyone wants a piece of it (and you!). And my friend,there is SO much opportunity here for us, if you're willing to shift your perspective.



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