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Authentic Visual Content on Instagram: The Struggle is Real

I’ve managed to reach 5,000 followers on Instagram just by being myself. No strategies. No content planning. No posting at certain times. Just sharing whatever is on my mind and in my heart in the moment and from my own authentic POV & energy. That’s where the magic is for me, showing up as myself and attracting people who “vibe” with my energy. It just goes to show people aren’t really interested in what you sell, they’re more interested in who you are.

When I launched No More Bad Photos 6 years ago I was feeling disconnected from my visuals and overthinking everything that I put on to the ‘gram. I was also on a parallel journey of self discovery, and becoming more comfortable with who I truly am versus who I thought I should be.

Part of this journey revealed a deep rooted, sense of loneliness and isolation.  Once I could finally be honest about how I wanted to be seen and how much connection I really wanted to have with other people, that started to pour into everything I was doing in my visuals.

It was like unlocking a rushing river of HERE I AM energy.

And thankfully, people were there for it. I’m sharing this with you because if you are feeling disconnected from your visuals, not enjoying them, feeling like they are more functional than fun, or you are hiding - you might also be feeling similar feelings of loneliness or isolation even though you are on a platform with billions of people.

If this is you I encourage you to let us see you. Let us get to know you, the real you!

Authentic Photography: The Struggle is Real

Let's be honest for a minute: We're all juggling a lot. Work, life, that nagging imposter syndrome, the quest for's exhausting. We're constantly comparing ourselves to others, scrolling through feeds filled with seemingly perfect lives.It's easy to feel overwhelmed, isolated, and like we're just not enough.

And right now, that's probably showing up in your photos and videos, isn't it? They feel "meh," more like a checklist than a creative outlet. You're not showing up as your true, amazing self.

I've been there. I remember feeling disconnected from my own visuals, overthinking every post, and feeling like a bit of a loner in the online world. I was craving connection. I wanted to share my real self – my passions, my struggles, my unique POV – with other women who understood.

And that's when everything changed. I started creating content that truly reflected who I was, and I found my people – other Real Girls 💖 who got it.

Creative Photography Tips: Why Your POV Matters

The truth is, your authentic POV is what makes you captivating. It's the relatable, the raw, and the real. Think about the people you connect with most online. Chances are, they're the ones who aren't afraid to be themselves. Your POV is the juicy stuff that draws people in. It's your superpower, waiting to be unleashed.

Photography Style Guide: Discovering Your Visual POV

This isn't about branding buzzwords; it's about YOU. Who are you at your core? What fires you up? What do you stand for? Here's how to get to the heart of it:

  • Authenticity Over Themes: Sure, themes are important, but they're not the starting point. First, get clear on your desires, values, and passions. THEN, see how they translate into visual themes you can easily weave into your everyday life.

  • Defining Your Photography Style with Anchor Words: These are the 3-5 words that encapsulate your essence.They're not just adjectives; they're your guiding light. (Think: "whimsical," "bold," "minimalist," "adventurous"...).These words will shape your visuals and make your POV unmistakable.

  • Photography Inspiration is Everywhere: Look at your saved pins on Pinterest or Instagram. Notice patterns?Those are hints about your authentic visual preferences. Translate those into a mood board.

  • Unique Photography: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Sometimes, the most unexpected inspiration sparks clarity. Step outside your comfort zone. Explore trends you'd never usually consider. Use tools like the Pin Prompt Vault to nudge you in new directions.

How to Take Better Photos: Audit Your Content

Once you have a handle on your POV, take a good look at your photos and videos. Do they align with your anchor words?Here are some practical photography tips to inject more authenticity:

  • Natural Lighting Photography: Ditch the studio setup. Embrace the light from your window. Play with shadows and dappled light.

  • Candid Photography: Lose the Pose: Seriously. Just be you. Practice snapping pics without overthinking it.Capture the in-between moments.

  • Creative Photography Composition: Forget those generic full-body shots. Move closer, even closer. Ditch the zoom; physically move your camera for a more interesting perspective.

  • Authenticity Over Perfection: Not every photo needs a grin. Experiment with different expressions.

  • Photography Tips and Tricks: Break the Rules: Composition is great, but don't be afraid to shake things up.Experiment with angles, framing, and lighting.

Take Action: Improve Your Photography Skills

  • Masterclass & Resources: We've got your back with our free resources and masterclass, designed to help you unlock your POV and translate it into killer visuals.

  • Join the Community: Head to "The Golden Bee" on Instagram to chat with other "real girls" who are on this journey too. Ask questions, share insights, and get inspired.

Your Point of View is Perfect

Remember, this isn't about fitting in. It's about standing out. Your photos and videos should be a reflection of YOU – the real, unfiltered you.

Your POV is already perfect as it is. Embrace it, share it, and watch your visuals transform into a magnet for connection and authenticity.


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