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Your Best Sales Strategy is a Branding Strategy

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

When we think of sales, we think of sweaty palm cold calls to potential customers.

Are you afraid of selling?⁣⁣

Do you feel like you’re struggling to attract your ideal client? ⁣⁣

Are you struggling to convert people to the new course you spent months building? ⁣⁣⁣

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then my friend, you have probably not taken the time to build up your personal brand identity & foundations.

Your job as a salesperson boils down to this: convincing your customers that the perceived value of what you are offering them is more than the cost. ⁣⁣Sure, we think we are making an intelligent choice when we buy. We like to tell ourselves we are purchasing because we have done our research and this is the best option for us, but what buying really comes down to is emotion and connection

Your job is really about convincing. So, how do you do less convincing…?

While the benefits of what you are selling is obvious to you, your clients are struggling with several feelings holding them back; fears, hesitations and limitations. ⁣ How do you help your clients overcome these limiting hesitations?

Scientific fun fact: Our brains are naturally hard-wired to resist spending money.

With this in mind, what is it that tips us over into a purchase-friendly frame of mind? The answer is emotions! Positive emotions to be specific.

When you have effective personal branding in place, people will have an emotional predisposition to you. If you have done your branding well, you will not need to work so hard convincing people to buy from you.  People will already have an emotional connection to your brand.⁣

Annnnd that brings me to my favorite part… Branding!  

Personal branding is really about building an emotional connection with your audience.  This is how people perceive you, this is what they think of you this is how they feel about you.⁣⁣

Say goodbye to gross sales tactics, you won’t need them.  You also won’t have to rely so heavily on that horrendous sales funnel because your client already wants to buy what you are selling. Sales and branding are a natural pairing, connected by emotion.⁣⁣

Think about a time you were being sold to. ⁣⁣Personally, when I reach out to work with someone as a client, I already know they are the person I trust to help me. No sales tactic in the world will convince me otherwise if I do not have a connection with them. ⁣⁣

Marketing is just the mechanism for your sales and your branding. It is functional, not emotional. it is also not distinctive.  Everyone has access to the exact same sales funnels, sales page templates, and marketing platforms.  ⁣

If you get the branding part right, taking the time to lay down strong foundations, the sales part of your business will happen so much easier. ⁣⁣

Your personal branding is what will distinctively set you apart from the crowd. It is branding that connects people to you on an emotional level. People will be ready to purchase from you when they have a connection with your brand.

Eager to get started on your personal branding? I would love to work with you. I offer one on one coaching, the quickest way to see real results. We will create a step by step process to build your online business. I will be your guide, I will mentor you every step of the way. I am here to clear up your blindspots and teach you everything you need to know about successful personal branding. 

Don’t waste any more time crossing your fingers and spinning your wheels. Book a call today. Looking for more personal branding scoop? Read this and this and download my new (free) resource, Your Personal Brand Plan 5 Steps to Easier Branding, coming soon!


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