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SUNDAY STORIES 8.23.22 —New on the blog

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Welcome to Sunday Stories by Lisa Haukom — your personal curator and collector of stories, reading lists, the best blog posts, mood boards, art and food. All the essentials. Here's the backstory, I started Sunday Stories for our email subscribers back when the pandemic began. I naturally curate and collect and a newsletter seemed to be the idea way to share what I am into while being stuck inside. It turns out others love it too.

While we just sent out our 100th issue to subscribers I realize this may be your first contact with us so here's what you need to know. The 100th anniversary snuck up on us and threw us for a loop, which is a damn shame because it's huge! — I (almost) barely noticed it. I know you will love this new, weekly format that brings to the surface everything brewing in the Studio along with inspiration to feed your head and light up your heart. It is my biggest joy to have you here. A heartfelt thank you for being you. We adore you. As always reach out to with your ideas and feature requests. Want to become a Sunday Stories OG? Click here.

Lisa Haukom, Photographer, Lifestyle Curator & Founder of Goldenbrand Studio

Hey, I'm Lisa.

I'm happiest with my head inside a camera lens or book, get to know us by diving into these posts. Disco Bestie: The Photography Trend for Everyone, Golden Lens Client Spotlights, and A Portrait of Selfie Self Love.

We have plenty of free resources for you folks that love a juicy Mood Board Template and want to learn to take your own Self Portraits. In fact, we love teaching your to take your own photos so much we created an entire membership, course and community around it!


Weekly curated moodboards from Lisa, your personal creativity catalyst.

Chosen to blast your comfort zone.

This week we crave movement and texture. Color to claim our power and space.

You are the subject you know best. How will you mix these moods into your week?

Until next Sunday,


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