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Presets vs Filters Better Photography

A client recently asked me why she should try photo presets for her images when she can just use Instagram filters for free? Excellent question and the answer is, it depends on how important images are to the service or product you are selling.  For most businesses, photo quality ranks up there with a clear mission statement and solving a need for your customer.

There are some benefits to using both, they are both huge time savers and can add a cohesive look and feel to tie your brand together.  Once you know the differences between them you’ll know which is the right solution to use and when to use it.

Presets are unique

Every Instagram account can select from the same pool of filters.  That means, if you customize your images using one particular filter, chances are you will see that same look when scrolling through other accounts.  The same idea applies to popular filter apps. Filters are accessible and easy to use but when it comes down to it, they will make your images look just like someone else’s. 

Presets made for Lightroom are endlessly adjustable and may be easily customized to suit your taste and brand feel. You can also layer presets together to create a look that is even more unique to your brand.  You can also save your custom edits as a new preset.  This is a huge timesaver when editing a batch of photos from the same shoot.

Unlike filters, presets are adjustable, higher quality and more reliable.

I touched on this earlier, the biggest difference between filters and presets is the adjustability of presets. Filters rarely look good on every image, you will often be forced to pick a new one for each new lighting and color scheme.  The result is a cluttered, haphazard look to your Instagram feed and website images. Presets can handle contrast, blown out highlights, lost detail in shadows, and weird skin tones with some small adjustments, all while keeping a curated look across all of your photos. For this reason, presets are also more reliable.  As you use Golden Collection Presets , you will confidently know which of the 14 presets will look great on your image.  

Stay tuned to our Photography Series blog posts, to learn my favorite tricks to tweak the Golden Collection Presets bringing out a particular color and creating more contrast and tone.  Customize your images with Golden Presets, now on sale!Golden Collection Presets



*Photo edited with West Coast, Golden Brand Presets

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