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Posing Tips, How to Look and Feel Great in Photos

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

What the usual blog posts won't tell you.

Posing isn’t just a simple, one-size-fits-all formula. It's impossible for each of the poses to work for every body type. For that you need an excellent photographer who can easily capture you and your body in a way that feels good to YOU. It is similar to a dance, the foundational movements may be the same, but each dancer bring something unique to the final performance through their individual body type and personal style.

When taking my own self portraits and work with brand photography clients, I always approach posing as an organic evolution.

Years of practice have made this process efficient, smoothly transitioning between steps as I shoot. As a trusted resource for creative entrepreneurs looking to cut through the noise and get people to engage with your imagery, I’m spilling my best secrets and steps in this video. You'll learn to see what I see, through a photographers eye in order to understand and select which poses are best for you and your body type.

Take your photos from hidden gem to golden beacon with our Self Portrait Method Experience.

Enjoy the video! xoxo Lisa

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