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Your Checklist for a Beautiful Brand Photoshoot.

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

If you aren't using Pinterest for your photoshoot you are missing out. I have a multitude of resources I dive into for inspiration, but when I need concepts quickly, I know I can always find what I am looking for on Pinterest. I pin everything from interior design inspiration for the lake house to eye catching color stories, and my secret stash of wardrobe style I'm currently coveting. Client projects, food styling, my own photography, and things that are simply beautiful. I have a board for just about every visual or creative interest. As a photographer and visual person, I appreciate gorgeous images and wide range of aesthetics. Pinterest provides all that, in addition to offering a visual representation of all the things "me". Sounds great, right? Here's how you can use it for your business and images.

Your story, in visuals.

My clients are often surprised when we collaborate on a mood board prior to their session. I learned through my own experience on shoots that needing photos is one thing and loving the photos you end up with is another. When clients book a session under the camouflage of simply needing photos, this is my cue to tune myself (and them) into their story, to get the photos they really want but aren't sure how to ask.

I wanted to remind you the most powerful creative tool you have is something that is already inside of you. It is the reason you are who you are, think how you think, and believe what you believe; Your story.

So often we minimize the power in sharing our stories. Maybe we don’t realize how powerful they can be. Maybe we’re afraid. Maybe we haven’t ever really considered using ourselves as inspiration before. Whatever the reason, our stories are often buried and may need digging up. Visuals, like journaling — are excellent for this. How often do you haven the opportunity to distill who you are in a visual way?

What visuals feel like you?

Preparing for a photoshoot is exactly like preparing for any creative endeavor. When you're hosting friends for dinner maybe you browse recipes, let yourself be inspired by the pictures, or wander through the farmer's market stalls letting your eye be drawn to a juicy pear or leafy greens. You may take a favorite work of art home on a postcard purchased from the gallery gift store because something about it spoke to your soul and you want to remember that feeling when you look at the image later. This is what we want to convey in our photos. This is our story of who we are.

The challenge is how to convey all of that to a photographer you are meeting for the first time. The answer? Mood boards.

Here's a peek at my secret board for my own photo sessions

source: Pinterest

I have mine organized by tone and mood for ease of reference while I'm shooting. I organize clients boards in a similar way, but theirs are more focused on looks and set ups for each shot. For example, motion, process images, and portraits. Each board is also the begining of our shot list.

Working in this way allows me to nail down exactly why certain images resonate with my client and others don't. It also gives them the exact tools they need to communicate wheat they like so they receive photos they absolutely love and deserve. Ultimately visuals also reduce the margin for error or miscommunication when preparing for a shoot because we are working from the same baseline.

Only save images that gut punch you in soul and make your heart sing

I invite you to create a mood board on Pinterest (or even in your saved files on Instagram). Pin only images that gut-punch you in the heart and soul, leave the rest. Think of it as a brand board; These are not images of the kind of work you want to do. They are images of who you are.

Visually creating a body of images that speak to your soul and then mindfully assessing those images helps you see things that resonate with you in a way that may not have been obvious to you before. This is why I tend to create mood boards for everything I do, including the Self Portrait Studio membership. Members work from their own body of soul-stirring mood board visuals.

source: Pinterest

Once you’ve created your board and have a body of images. Step back and look at it as a whole. What common themes do you see? What descriptive words come up for you? By looking at my board, it's clear I love confident feminine imagery. I love a tailored monochromatic look with warm tones and hands. Always hands in photos and a sense of ease.

Now it's your turn. Even if you are planning a photoshoot, create that secret board right now. You may find you are ready for a photo session sooner than you thought!


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