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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 1.29.23

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

This week's highs include hosting workshops in several communities to speak about my favorite topic, the Art of Self Portrait Photography. I was also thrilled to have the Story Exchange feature iPhone photography prominently in the article below. In an industry where many photographers pride themselves on having the biggest, best and latest camera — it is no small feat to step out and declare anyone can take professional photos, using the camera in their pocket. Enjoy xoxo




I am absolutely thrilled to have iPhone photography take center stage in this feature. It's our desire to make professional photography accessible. This is the thread that runs through everything we do at the Goldenbrand from the Self-Portrait Studio to our virtual client sessions, it's all done on using the camera on our mobile phones. Read more below.


Studio playlist. Here's what we are spinning this month. VALENTINE.

Lisa Haukom Goldenbrand photography


I don’t believe that women need to keep looking outside of themselves for answers. In fact, we have already overly integrated the very attributes we associate with feelings of not being…pretty enough, talented enough, creative enough, photogenic enough…worthy of a beautiful self portrait. What if instead we focused on who we truly are, right now. In this very moment? What would our new definitions of ourselves be then? How would it feel to start making that version familiar to us—putting that information into our brains instead of all the other junk?

You've heard my about self portrait journey and why I founded the SPS membership. I've shared the benefits of self portraits with you, and answered your FAQ's. Today, I would like to allow the real women of SPS to share their stories, in their own words. It is my hope you will see a little piece of yourself in their experiences.


There was a time when capturing engaging food photography made most people think about vibrant colors, light-toned hues, and bright luminosity. We are noticing a trend toward darker, more naturally lit images in our Instagram feed lately becoming extremely popular among creative communities, and with good reason! It’s artistic, impactful, and dynamic. It is so popular it's even trending among industries that typically prefer light and bright imagery. Interior photography, food and product photography, brand photography, wedding, and styled shoots are embracing more contrast between light and shadow, taking advantage of realistic, directional, natural light. We love the trend toward moody images and are showing you how to use the chiaroscuro effect in your brand imagery.


Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

A Study in Green.

Winter you are lovely but I am in need of verdant, verdigris, vert…greens.

Photographers Choice.

Very interested in this product after al the TikTok drama. Bobbi's response clinched it for me.

Loving Time Travel Kitchen: Do you want to know about the history of the Chemex coffee maker, the story of Elsie the Cow, or trace mentions of marmalade in literature? Jolene is the perfect guide, a terrific writer and photographer with an amazing collection of vintage cookbooks, a quirky sense of humor and boundless curiosity.

Thrilled about the return of The Gin Finch, it feels good to be back indeed.

Let's have a Girl's Night Out. Come hang out with me here.

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How to watch and stream every Oscar nominated movie.

On people who don’t read books. (it’s a little snarky!)


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Q. I'm comfortable in front of the camera but figuring out what to wear for a photoshoot really stresses me out. It's the number one reason for not checking photos off my to-do list. Do you have any advice?

A. Styling is very personal to each individual I photograph. Some clients are most comfortable in the clothing they wear every day, jeans/tees/bare feet. Others want to look like themselves, but elevated. This is why we are thrilled to include a private styling session with your photoshoot, completely customized to you! After we meet to nail down your story, photo requirements, and location —you'll meet privately with our stylist Catherine Horgan who will make magic out of your wardrobe. She and I work together to ensure the outfits match our vision for the photoshoot and you have 3-4 looks to change up your photos on shoot day. This post has everything you need to prepare for a shoot and in this post you can read about laurel's experience being styled for her session.


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