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Fear of Being Seen? We've Got You Covered.

Updated: May 24

Episode 21 of The Goldenbrand Podcast: Breaking the Cycle of Self-Doubt & Trauma with Meredith DeSantos

Have you ever felt like your past is holding you back? Like there's a pattern of self-doubt or insecurity that keeps resurfacing, no matter how much you achieve?

Meredith, a former entertainment industry executive turned business coach, knows that feeling all too well. In a recent conversation, she shared her journey of overcoming childhood trauma and the limiting beliefs that kept her playing small. She discusses how she found healing through NLP, human design, and the camera lens.

Meredith explains how she helps her clients reprogram their minds, overcome imposter syndrome, and achieve success in their careers by combining NLP, manifestation techniques, and action, while customizing her approach to their individual human design.

In a candid conversation, Meredith reveals a personal experience of having an unsatisfactory photoshoot and how it triggered past traumas related to being seen and taking up space. She shares how a coaching session with Lisa helped her shift her perspective, embrace her body, and reclaim her confidence.

This episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable advice for anyone who wants to break free from limiting beliefs, embrace their authentic selves, and create a life that feels truly fulfilling.

"I Thought I'd Healed From All My Trauma... I'm Not"

Meredith candidly admits that even after years of therapy and personal growth, she found herself repeating patterns of self-sabotage and dimming her own light. This realization was a turning point.

"I realized that when I would constantly look back at the past and see the trauma I had been through, it's a victim mode," Meredith shares. "Even though I didn't even think I was a victim because I'm such a doer, my perfectionism and doer [mentality] comes from my trauma."

Finding Empowerment Through NLP and Human Design

Meredith turned to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Human Design to reprogram her subconscious mind and break free from those patterns. She discovered that she was a Projector in Human Design, a type not meant to burn out,which explained why her previous approach to work and life was unsustainable.

"I really started following that flow of energy to see if I could reprogram myself, not only with NLP, but with my own design and hack my design to get more things done in a day while prioritizing my self care," she explains.

Reclaiming Your Power in Front of the Camera

One of the most powerful transformations for Meredith came during a photoshoot coaching session with Lisa, a photographer and body language expert. Meredith was struggling to feel confident and present in front of the camera, but Lisa helped her identify the root of her discomfort: a fear of being seen and judged.

"You literally shifted my perspective... showed me that it's not my body," Meredith says of her session with Lisa. "It was,I didn't know how to angle my body. I didn't know... I can take up my space too, but I never wanted to take up space because of the trauma."

Lisa empowered Meredith to reclaim her space, her confidence, and her authenticity in front of the camera. The result was a series of stunning photos that captured Meredith's true essence.

Additional takeaways from Episode 21 on The Goldenbrand Podcast :

Why joining a community can be transformative, even if you're camera shy.

How my unique method helps reprogram the brain and rewire self-image triggers.

The magic of vulnerability and shared experiences in a supportive community.

How the NMBP Method guides you through a step-by-step process of self-discovery.

The importance of addressing energetic and internal blocks for lasting change.

Why hacks and tricks don't work, and how to truly feel comfortable in the frame.

The power of live calls, critiques, and real-time tracking of progress.

How to overcome feelings of self-indulgence and shame around self-portraits.

Why everyone needs the No More Bad Photo course, even if you're not on social media.

The benefits of prioritizing self-care and the impact it has on all areas of your life.

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