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6 Tips to Feel Confident In Front of the Camera, for your personal brand.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

As a business coach, personal brand & photographer, I'm often asked for tips on how to feel confident in front of a camera, as a personal brand. I am always happy to share my own experience since it is something have also struggled with. I know how awkward it can feel when you're standing there, trying to look cute, and feel as though everyone is staring and judging you. I have picked up many tips and tricks in my 20-year entrepreneurial journey. I'll share a few of my favorites with you today. Try them out and let me know how they work for you.

1. Trust your photographer

Before working with a professional, I hired myself. I invested in a tripod with a remote, some inexpensive lighting and practiced taking self-portraits.

Talk about learning to trust yourself!

I learned to get very comfortable with my insecurities and to be patient Instead of criticizing each photo, I would ask thoughtful questions such as, how is the lighting? Could I experiment with the placement of my chin? Maybe angle the camera down lower...? I highly recommend this route if you are newer to having your photo taken.

If you're working with a professional, take time to get to know them and their work. Schedule a pre-shoot consultation so when you meet in person they'll become far less intimidating to you. You will have a much friendlier relationship for your shoot, making the job easier for you and your photographer. I include pre-work sessions with each of my photoshoots so by the time we meet for the shoot you are very comfortable with me and we are practically completing each other's sentences! (A comfortable client=fabulous photos.)

3. Teamwork

If you feel uncomfortable during the shoot, or lost - tell your photographer. Trust me, we want to know what's going through your mind! If you're not loving the way you look in the photos, let your photographer know so they can make the necessary adjustments. Photographers want you to LOVE your photos.

4. Focus on your goals, ignore the rest

It's easy to let the bossy voice in your head take over when the camera starts to click, or even before if you are feeling anxious. Whether you're in public or in a studio with your photographer, doubt will start to creep in. You may feel concerned what other people think of you, or think you're being judged. You may even feel your photographer is judging you or like you are just not good at this. Here's some scoop for you. The photographer will understand if you feel shy. Take some of the pressure off of yourself because it is their job to make you feel comfortable. Try to forget about the rest and enjoy the process.

5. Love the Golden Hour

If you've ever worked with a professional photographer, you'll know that we're always going on and on about the Golden Hour. While it might seem strange that we want to photograph you at 8pm at night in the summer months, it's totally normal. When the sun is rising or setting, the light becomes far more flattering and soft. Avoid having your photo taken at midday - when the sun is at it's highest in the sky. If you must, then angle your face toward the sun to avoid 5 o'clock shadows.

6. Know Your Angles

Whether you're a model, a blogger, a CEO or Mom, you will feel more confident if you already have an idea of how you like to look on camera.I have found self-portraits incredibly helpful in this area.

Learn how to set up for a self-portrait shoot, how to pose and how to edit your own photos for use in your online business.

7. Enjoy

Similar to my point above or ignoring the rest of the world, it's so important to try and have fun while you're having your photo taken. When I'm photographing people, I try my best to keep the mood light and entertaining. I'm not a natural comedian, but I've learnt ways to make people laugh throughout my time. The more you relax into a photoshoot and let yourself go, the more fun you'll have, the more confident you will feel, and the nicer the photos will be.


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