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4 Instagram Tips for Online Business

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

So you want to grow your Instagram? Let's add some personality to your online business.

Just start. A podcast host recently asked me what advice I had for listeners who want to bring more personality into their branding. My only regret in business is not starting sooner. (Not the 1,000 things that cross my mind every day, what course to buy, what offer to share, what coach to hire…). Just start. I let fear, insecurities, imposter syndrome get the best of me for so long, I just wonder how my business would look today, if I had started letting people connect with me sooner. If that hits home for you too, scroll down for a few common mistakes to avoid & ideas to inspire you, to just start.


Let's use the “messy bun getting it done” example for this since it is a trendy & an easy share. If you're always showing up on stories, showing off your messy bun as your thing, don't stay surface level - go deeper. Why do you have your hair in a messy bun? Is it because you are really busy getting stuff done? Is it because you like to be active? Did you not have time to wash your hair because you have been in mad scientist mode building out a new offer…? Give us the story. We want to connect with you as a human, give us room to do that.


This is a huge problem that I see with the online business world lately: A lack of integrity. You need to act with integrity to make shit happen. Every. Single. Day.⁠

That means showing up for your audience consistently; Only say what you mean, and mean what you say. Be kind to others and deliver on promises. Be specific and communicate proactively, especially when people are expecting something from you. Those who are honest and transparent are the ones who get ahead.


Friend there will be crickets in the beginning, no matter who you are. That's just what happens, keep trying. Like anything in life, you need consistency if you want to see results. So many people post a few times then give up when they don’t immediately see results, but it’s a long game. You won’t see success overnight. Stay consistent, and stick with it for a while. Of course, it’s good business practice to evaluate what’s not working and if the way you are showing up actually isn’t for you, cut ties and try something else until you find what truly resonates for you and your audience. *Don't be tempted to copy, you will find your unique groove if you keep trying - I promise.


Reading - and probably even trying - advice like this…“Ditch the fear of what anyone else thinks and show up as your special self.” How did that work out for you? Were you able to just do it anyway or just do it scared? Bad advice like this kept me stuck for years and the worst part is, I thought it was my fault. Logically I knew I had to show up as myself (whatever that means) but I had no idea how. The usual steps weren't working, so I created my own. Then I tested it out with real business owners, twice…for free - just to be sure the results were really replicable for everyone.


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