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The Alice, A Coastal Grandma Inspired Cocktail


What's the point of hard work if you never slow down to enjoy it? If you read our newsletter and follow our Instagram accounts you know we celebrate the start of a weekend like it's 1999. This weekend we have our sights on summer. With all the rain and snow here in the PNW we choose to skip right over spring and get to the warm, lofty days of sun and summer berries with this coastal Grandma inspired cocktail, "The Alice".

Coastal Grandma Cocktail, The Alice

We first enjoyed this cocktail on a perfect summer afternoon at our Grandparents summer coastal getaway and have been experimenting with this libation ever since. Like the cocktail, Alice was sweet, tart, and supremely strong with an unexpectedly delightful girlishness about her. I've amended this to use the abundant fresh blackberries from our yard, as they grow like dandelions here in Oregon, and petite wild frozen blueberries from Trader Joes. Add your favorite brand of rum, a dry Prosecco, dust off your cocktail shaker (or mason jar) and you're good to go.

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • 1 Cup of Fresh Blackberries

  • 1/2 Cup of Frozen Wild Blueberries

  • Juice of 1 fresh lime

  • 11 Oz. Rum

  • 1 Bottle of Dry Prosecco

  • A Handful of Fresh Mint, but other herbs work well too. Try thyme, rosemary or basil.

  • 2 scoops raspberry sorbet (optional)


Nothing says occasion like taking the time to chill your glass in the freezer. Pop them in for at least 30 minutes prior to pouring time — we've linked our current favorite tumbler below for you.


Now that your glasses are straight chillin’ you can move on to the shaking and infusing. In a cocktail shaker combine 1/4 of the blackberries, 1/4 of the blueberries, and a few sprigs of mint with 3-4 oz. rum. Lightly shake to cool the rum, muddle the berries and mint together into a delicious garnet color concoction.


Time to put those chilled glasses to use. Grab them from the freezer and strain equal portions of the mudded rum libation into each glass. Save the mixture to add a few teaspoons back into each glass at the end. Remove herbs at this point.


Lastly, top with your favorite Prosecco and garnish with fresh herb of choice. Add a dollop of the muddled mixture, a handful of fresh berries and settle in for the weekend with family, friends, yourself — whatever works for you!

*Any glass will work for this cocktail, but we’ve been on a tumbler kick lately, loving the weight of them in our hands. Whitaker Glasses are perfect for this concoction. There’s nothing better than a fun cocktail AND a fun glass right?

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