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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 12.18.22

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Your dose of Sunday Stories to feed your head and inspire your heart. This week: Curves and memories.

I’ve found that I’m not so concerned with leaving a mark on this world or a legacy or anything like that, I’m more concerned with providing an experience in the context of a moment, which eventually goes away and becomes a memory. Memory is the closest thing you can get to leaving a mark.

As I reflect on the past year and align my hopes and dreams for the next, this is where my thoughts go. To creation, to memories, and living out an experience.

Before I had something I was proud of, something I could define myself by—I would hang onto moments of beauty and connection. I used to experience this through food, bringing people together for a meal. Now I experience it through photography and connection with inspiring people. Together we are leaving our mark, together we have created a year’s worth of memories. I am so grateful.

Lisa sending you lots of love, moxie, and sweetness for the holidays.




When we first moved to the Oregon coast, I was scanning the local paper for holiday activities and saw a post for holiday lights at the marina, fun! Back in LA, we loved to pile in the car and visit neighborhoods, discovering new pockets of brightly lit homes. So, this sounded right up our ally. I went over the top, planning an entire evening around it—packing up blanks, cookies, and cocoa. We even planned to arrive early for a good spot. Hilariously, the main attraction turned out to be a handful of rather sadly lit boats, halfheartedly decorated with a string or two of lights and a plastic wreath. We loved it and laughed to the point of tears. Of course we re-enact the moment every year as another holiday tradition. (read more below)


It's back! Our popular holiday playlist is back and better than ever. Ooh la la, a golden holiday. Enjoy xoxo.


The Self-Portrait Studio 8-week photo challenge is almost finished. We have a few more prompts to go then we'll be turning our attention toward the next round starting February. Meanwhile, here are my best tips to hold you over until then.


Weekly visual inspiration and moodboards.

I am…

Curves: The simplest definition is a continuous and smooth-flowing line without any sharp turns. Used in a sentence: "Her mouth curved in a smile".

That seems straightforward enough, right?

Now pick up the camera and turn it on yourself. Photograph your body, focusing on your curves and suddenly the idea of shape becomes a minefield of old stories and perceptions. Curvy girl, no curves, too many curves, curves in the wrong places, shameful curves, who-does-she-think-she-is curves.

At its very core, the Self Portrait Studio is a simple shift in the way we view ourselves. It's the moment your thinking switches from “Am I…?” to “I Am."

From Am I allowed, Am I enough, Am worthy” To “I am worthy of spending this time with myself. I am allowed to love what I see in photos. I am enough. I am.”

This week's mood board is a celebration of SPS members' journey to, I am. The beautiful, bold, powerful images you see below are all self-portraits. Conceived, photographed, and edited by members of the Self Portrait Studio. I hope they shine a light on your own self perception today and show what is possible, for you too.

Photographers Choice.

Extra flair for your week. Click below to visit. xoxo L.

Adding working with jewelry designer Kathryn Bentley to my 2023 wishlist. I'd love to turn some heirloom earrings that aren't getting any wear into a pinky ring and necklace.

Getting frankly fascinating answers to many of my knitwear questions, including my perennial favorite, “Why does everything pill?”

Trusting that my niece and nephew, who are getting this awesome-looking ice-cream science kit for Christmas, aren't reading this email.

If you are traveling for the holidays here's how to find the best walking tours for any city you visit.

Your Q's.

Q. I get overwhelmed with ideas at the start of projects. How do you stay organized and keep track of your client projects?

A. I am a deeply visual person so when I’m working on a new project whether it be my own or for a client, I always amass a collection of inspirational imagery, typically in a binder, slideshow, or private Pinterest board. When I feel I’ve collected as many as I can find, I will allocate time to go through them and see what commonalities arise. More often than not, there is a through-line that connects them all. I look for those overarching themes, things that permeate each image such as the color palette, textures, and story—then I hone in and get super specific. It is important to collect as many visuals as possible and see what you navigate toward the most, what makes your heart skip a beat swoon. If you want to go a step further, print and pin them to a mood board on the wall and add/subtract visuals to get a holistic picture or snag my personal moodboard template here.


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