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The Importance of Self Portrait Photography for Your Branding

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

by Lisa Haukom

On this episode of The Goldenbrand Pod, join host Lisa Haukom as she delves into the importance of self-portrait photography. Lisa shares her own journey of facing resistance to the idea of sitting by herself for the camera.

The healing power of self-portrait photography

She discusses the healing power of self-portraits, emphasizing how they can help individuals see themselves as loved ones do. The episode explores the journey of self-portraiture and the benefits it offers, including finding one's style and achieving a sense of healing and balance. Lisa encourages listeners to differentiate between selfies and self-portraits, providing tips for taking impactful self-portraits such as having a clear intention and narrative.

The empowerment that comes from confronting fears

She discusses the empowerment that comes from confronting fears and dips into the role of self-trust and self-reflection. Whether you're a beginner or looking to uncover new layers about yourself, join us on this episode of The Goldenbrand to explore the world of self-portrait photography.

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