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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Last year we launched our Creative Profile series featuring real conversations with real women who work at the intersection of their intellect and intuition. For our first profile we had the pleasure of photographing and speaking with Sophie Jones, breathwork healer and business guide. The following images were all shot virtually in a rented Airbnb.

Welcome Sophie, where do you live?

Missoula, MT

What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship—tell us about the “why” behind your business?

I’ve had an interesting life and the springboard for me getting into business was coming home from being humanly trafficked by a man in my early 20’s. The universe put a mentor in my life and I started studying personal development and business, not long after that, I got my real estate license and the 5 companies later I think it’s safe to say I love entrepreneurship!

Sophie Jones photographed virtually by Lisa Haukom, The Goldenbrand Studio

What has been your proudest moment?

I’ve had a lot. That’s the cool thing about life or business you are always growing so cool shit keeps happening. Another answer would be I have too many to narrow down to just one.

What's Something That You're Still Working On When It Comes To Understanding Yourself?

Trusting myself. When you want to succeed at the highest level you subscribe to different mentors and programs that might not 100% align with you. I’m learning to take what works for me and leave the rest!

Where do you find inspiration, especially on the days you’re not feeling it?

I find inspiration in people. I love being a part of someone's transformation so it’s easier to show up when I know other people are involved.

Sophie Jones photographed virtually by Lisa Haukom, The Goldenbrand Studio

Tell us about your experience having a virtual shoot with Lisa and what led you to hire a photographer?

Lisa was warm and funny. I so appreciated that because I find getting my pictures taken is a vulnerable experience. My favorite part of the process was how collaborative the planning phase was. I felt very prepared for the shoot itself and Lisa instantly put me at ease with her positive energy.

If you could send your younger self a tweet, what would it say?

Things are going to be better than you can imagine.


Sophie Jones photographed virtually by Lisa Haukom, The Goldenbrand Studio

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