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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 3.05.23

Sharing photos of myself will never be perceived in the perfect light by most, but being understood by all is not really the point. There is a power that comes with being seen and heard by YOU…for you. There is a force that is created when you find a form of artistic expression that rises above popular opinion and connects to what moves you, and only you. The power of being seen and heard is real. Whatever way you find to express that, is part of what you are meant to do. Don’t allow anyone’s opinions to stop you. You will never be judged harshly by anyone who is fully content with their own life.

Remember that.

- With Love & Moxie, Lisa XOXOXO




Up until this past year I was reluctant to share how my approach is different. I felt so much shame about the fact that on paper, I didn’t look anything like other photographers. Many of my ideas go against industry norms, and are not commonly found in the photography space. It has taken me years to talk about all of it transparently. I hope you enjoy this conversation with host Kim Tradewell of the Online Creator podcast.→

Robin Davisson Female Abstract Artist Photography


I wish that I knew what I know now.

Lisa Haukom Goldenbrand photography


If you aren't using Pinterest you are missing out. I have a multitude of resources I dive into for inspiration, but when I need concepts quickly, I know I can always find what I am looking for on Pinterest. I pin everything from interior design inspiration for the lake house to eye catching color stories, and my secret stash of wardrobe style I'm currently coveting. Client projects, food styling, my own photography, and things that are simply beautiful. I have a board for just about every visual or creative interest. As a photographer and visual person, I appreciate gorgeous images and wide range of aesthetics. Pinterest provides all that, in addition to offering a visual representation of all the things "me". Sounds great, right? Here's how you can use put Pinterest to work for you.

Lisa Haukom Self Portrait Photography Studio


From what's in my camera bag to what's in my closet. I have all my latest favorites, brand partners, and super finds on the site. Including this modern stripe tee.

Quirky Editorial Photography Poses


Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

A peek into our favorite Pinterest board this week: Moments of solitude & framed compositions.

Photographers Choice.

Extra flair for your week. Click below to visit. xoxo L. We love a good virtual home tour.

15 minute Avgolemono soup for dinner - you'll love it.

The thrilling new science of awe, and how it keeps us present. Listen to the On Being podcast

99 Things to do instead of reaching for your phone.

Ruth visits Solvang. Sidenote: we used to drive up here for Swedish pancakes on the weekend. So many good memories here, go gauchos.

Here for Daisy Jones and the Six. Think Fleetwood Mac circa Rumours.

Are lifestyle blogs coming back? We certainly hope so Carly!

How are we feeling about Instagram's latest announcement?

Do you know the difference between the roles of a photographer, designer, and prop stylist? Reading this to level up my styling skills.


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Q. I procrastinate having photos taken because all of my past experiences with professional photography have been disappointing. I feel like the photographers pose me and style me to fit their portfolio, not the other way around. Why does this keep happening?

A. I feel this! I recently shared a similar story of my own experience with my email list. Many photographers, especially the ones with in-person studios, use a similar business model. They provide hair and make-up, studio space, and a very niche style of photography for their clients. Because they have so much overhead, they usually charge a lower session fee of $300-$700 and then rely on selling back-end products like prints, albums, and framed images to make the majority of their profit. This is a fine business model but it means needing to work through clients quickly to be profitable. It's hard to be focused on delivering an excellent experience when you are focused on numbers.

I do things differently. I believe the experience you have with your photographer strongly reflects how you feel about your photos later on. I accept a limited number of clients into the studio each month to ensure the best experience for everyone, with every detail handled for you. Also, my style is more natural, I'm not going to have you do cheesy poses that feel forced. We create the real, the good stuff, together.


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