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SUNDAY STORIES by Lisa Haukom 1.22.23

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

It has been quite a week in the Studio. We are welcoming fresh faces into the Self Portrait Studio and planning some pretty fantastic photography prompts for the 8-week Self-Portrait Challenge. Recently we added an Alumni group to SPS with bi-weekly lively workroom sessions, for members who have already completed a challenge. We are also excited to welcome new clients into our quarterly photo session program — and in the midst of all this, we are prepping for several workshops where I'll be speaking about virtual photography and self-portrait education. Finally, we have launched a new digital product in the shop, which I know you'll love. I share all the details with you below!




Since adding personalized styling to our photography sessions clients are sharing just how much it has eased their pre-shoot stress levels. In this issue of The Golden Lens, we are spotlighting interior designer Laurel Colins of Laurel Living. We also discuss working closely with her web designer to create all new imagery for her website, and share a behind the scenes look into the virtual photoshoot process. We are also thrilled to share the tremendous results of working closely with stylist Catherine Horgan to ensure the highest quality photos, most accurate reflection of the brand, and Laurel herself.


Studio playlist. Here's what we are spinning this month.

Lisa Haukom Goldenbrand photography


At the Goldenbrand, we work with consultants, coaches, creatives, and those within the interior design and fashion space looking to up-level their imagery. Today we’re sharing our best tips to help you prepare for your next photoshoot – no matter what industry you are in. To ensure you have the best images for your website, social media, and marketing materials, starting with the checklist on the blog.


Photography is one of my greatest sources of inspiration and creativity, I can't wait for it to become yours too. Inside I will sharing how I create editorial images with my iPhone using my best editing tips for mobile photography, perfect for those times when a preset just won't do.


Enhanced spot lighting techniques using radial, linear, and brush tool masking. How to make color corrections while experimenting with exposure.


Weekly visual inspiration and mood boards.

If the devil is in the details – and in fashion it often is – then the devil is a weird animal placed nonsensically in a spring fashion shoot. Joeys, pigeons, flamingos, leopards – you name it, if it’s furry and undomesticated, it’s probably in a photoshoot, on a magazine cover or printed on a blouse this season, and we are loving it. Here are our favorites of the season, I hope they inspire you to include more whimsy in your own photos.

Photographers Choice.

People are loving Golden Presets.

I'm so excited to be a guest speaker for the Daisy Made Community! And the best part? Founder Tracy is opening spots up to the public. Jan. 25 9am pst I'll see you there.

Can't make the workshop? Listen in here.

How this Latina art curator is shaking up the art world.

Everything we know about Season 3 of Only Murders.

Styling this stripe shirt for a fun Valentine's Day brand collaboration.


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Q. I'd love to start taking more photos, can you recommend a good class?

A. It's very easy to become technically trained as a photographer, especially if you start on a simple camera, with one standard lens. What is more difficult is learning to train your eye to frame and compose a well-balanced photo. Before you invest in a course I recommend spending time in photography museums, favorite art galleries, and on Pinterest, taking note of what catches your eye and why. Next take your mobile phone camera out into the world and tru to replicate what you see using all of your senses. Be curious and have fun, take away the pressure to post and enjoy the process! xoxo


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