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Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Studio happenings, photography, and weekend reading by Lisa Haukom, Goldenbrand Studio. Sunday Stories to feed your head and inspire your heart.

Short and sweet this week.

I'm in the process of shaking up the Etch-A-Sketch of my life, adding new skills to my toolbox, bringing fresh insight and inspiration to feed your head and heart.

Have a lovely week friends.




Laurel Colins is unique member of the Self Portrait Studio for a few reasons. A rarity and 1% of the population as a reflector in human design, Laurel's list of expertise includes, a best-selling author, interior stylist, certified Dream Coach, Essential Feng Shui consultant, Human Design Reader, and now…self portrait artist. After years spent investing in her business, SPS was an investment just for Laurel — and she is thriving. Week after week Laurel shares portraits which embody her feminine and slightly romantic style. Get to know Laurel yourself.


Lisa, When you know, you know.

If you think selfies and self portraits are one and the same, allow me to introduce you to a whole new world. I know selfies are convenient and fun —believe me I've captured a sassy moment or two myself. But as SPS members can attest when you know you know, and you may never go back


The October playlist is dropping soon….it's to die for. 💀

"Many thanks for your "Golden Studio Vol. 7" playlist; it's making a bleak Midwest Saturday AM a little brighter." — Kazi M.

“Just found you at Vol.7 which has been on repeat all month long” — Mandee R.

“If the Halloween playlist is half as good as your Christmas playlist last year, I'll be a happy camper” — Dani M.


Weekly curated mood boards from Lisa, your personal creativity catalyst.

A really, really good self portrait is often simple in appearance. It would be a mistake though to underestimate the amount of time and skill behind a simple, beautiful portrait. While an image may look easy enough to reproduce, it's very hard to photograph yourself when you are unable to see what you're doing, with our feedback from a photographer. You learn to use your experience and instincts to know how your pose looks, whether you've captured your best angle, and if you've captured the mood of the photograph as intended.

Todays tone will hopefully introduce you to the world of self portrait photography. If you are new here, you are very welcome.

Here's a list of 9 self portrait photographers whose work I enjoy on Instagram. I haven't included additional information on each artist as I feel their visual work speaks for itself. No need to follow them all, I recommend browsing the images to see which ones speak to you most.

images by @ziqianqian, @marvelharris, @terihofford, @alineadjemian

Photographers Choice.

I want to live with an extremely low bar for delight.

I would like to soup weekly please.

Donning my French stripes for this Trader Joes Round Up (Wit & Whimsy)

Make way for Maximalism - Do you agree with Gen Z? (Arch Dailey)


This week's reader questions. If you have a question for a future newsletter, send it to

Q. If we want to just join the Self Portrait Studio for the 8 week challenge is that okay?!

A. Of course it is fine to just join for the self portrait challenge. You can stay in the Self Portrait Studio as long or as short as you like, there is no minimum commitment. I do want to clarify the entire challenge is longer than 8 weeks. We actually spend the first month meeting weekly, going through the self portrait course modules together. This sets the foundations for the self portrait challenge which follows. Click here and scroll to the last slide to see the schedule which begins October 6th.

Q. Favorite resources for photo editing?

A. I use Lightroom for all client images and my own photos. The monthly investment is minimal if you want to use the desktop version, otherwise you can download the mobile version for free. Lightroom is also what we use in SPS.

Q. How often are you taking your own photos? Daily? Weekly?

A. I wish I had room in my schedule to pop on an upbeat playlist and shoot self portraits every day. My virtual client photoshoot schedule keeps me busy and now I've started offering sun-filled studio in person sessions (LA & San Diego), so time for my own portraits has been further reduced. This is one of the many, many reasons I love the 8-week challenges in the Self Portrait Studio. I work through the prompts Alongside the members, sharing my own work during our live calls. Working my own images with the members brings me so much joy.



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