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Preparing for your Personal Branding Session

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

With a little planning you will love the results of your branding shoot. Here are a few tips to make the most of your experience and investment. First though, let's aknowledge that getting in front of the camera for a personal branding session can feel a little uncomfortable at first and chances are, it's been awhile since you have had professional photos taken. Virtual personal branding photo shoots are incredibly empowering and fun for business owners. Since I am not there in person with you, I take extra care to put you at ease and ensure you enjoy the session as well as having drop-dead gorgeous photos as a result.

But how the heck do you prep for a session like this? I’m breaking down my favorite tips so you can plan your next personal branding session with ease.

Determine your photo shoot goals

Did you schedule a branding session so you can start creating a content library for your social media? Do you need cover shots for your new podcast, or book launch? Are you creating a new website and you want to put your best foot forward? Are you launching an amazing new program? Do you need photos for your media kit? Determining your photo shoot goals ahead of time will ensure you get the exact images you want, and need.

If you’re wanting to update your website header with a new image that needs a text overlay, your photographer should know that when shooting. For images that will primarily be used on social media, your photographer will want to make sure they’re cropping them appropriately.

All of my branding clients receive a comprehensive questionnaire before their session. This questionnaire will assess your brand and business goals, along with your general brand vibe and who you are as the face of it. I want your photos to feel and look like you. We talk it all over during your pre-shoot consultation then we start our visual shot list with style and pose ideas to use on shoot day.

Know your must-have list

Are there one or two shots that you NEED to walk away from a shoot with? Maybe it’s an updated modern headshot, or an image of you working on your computer, sipping coffee; or maybe it’s you in the middle of the street jumping for joy, because you’re ready to launch your next big thing.

There’s always a must have shot list I work through at every branding session. Knowing what your must-haves are help me design the perfect session for YOU.

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Look your best

Now is the time to do a little pampering. A branding session is truly focused on you, so thinking about details will save you any regret. Get a fresh manicure, make sure you love your haircut and color, and bring the clothes you feel best in. Even if your style is super low key, simply making sure you look pulled together and polished will help you to feel more confident on shoot day.

Incorporate brand colors

Your shoot is all about capturing the mood and vibe of your brand. I love black, gray, and white as much as the next person, but don't be afraid to add some spice and personalization to your images. I usually recommend throwing in some pops of your brand colors. This can be something small like a coffee mug, painted nails or phone case in your colors - or something large like a teal stool or painted wall. Get creative, use props and have fun with it.

Trust your photographer

Trusting someone else with your branding can be difficult, especially if your brand is new or making a change. Find someone who makes you feel comfortable - you will be spending hours together so make sure you like them! Also ask about their shoot style. Are they mostly quiet, so they leave the poses up to you or will they help guide you into a flattering pose? Are they good at catching small details like an untucked shirttail or lipstick on your teeth? These may seem like small details but when it comes to getting the most from your investment, they count! Above all though, enjoy yourself. You have worked hard to get to this point in your business and that should be celebrated so have fun!

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